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We do more than a Moving and Packing service in UAE- we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money. Budget City Movers is your custom long distance mover. We professionalize in Long Distance moves around the UAE. Budget city movers provide services as packers and movers in Dubai. Budget City Movers provide services of Movers and packers in Dubai. From disassembling and packing to unpacking and assembling, we take care of every aspect that is to be kept in mind while giving you the best services. Budget City Movers also provide services of Movers and packers Dubai. We know well, how to handle your things like TV, refrigerator, Plasma, Air Conditioners, Beds and sofas, going above the of level of sensitivity that needs to be maintained while shifting

Way2Smile – Most Trusted Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Property No : 3D, Gold Tower, Cluster I, JLT Towers, Dubai

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Way2Smile Solutions is one of the leading Mobile App Development Company that is  making its presence in Dubai, UAE. We are a highly dedicated team of Android and iOS Developers who works endlessly in offering the right mobile and web apps solutions to Clients for their business needs.

Our company has provided around 250+ apps that is device independent and adds to many number of Portfolios.

We craft & deliver mobile apps that is highly intutive and far exciting for the mobile user. Our team of developers always keep track of the latest technological trends and then provide the app user with the best experience possible.

We extend our services from native to cross-platform apps development that includes the speciality of cloud hosting facility.

Dubai Cares


District 7, Building 16, P O Box 118080 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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Launched in 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Cares is working to improve children’s children access to quality primary education in developing countries. Dubai Cares works in countries with chronic deficiencies in primary education where it implements programs that target the underlying causes that prevent children from going to school. Dubai Cares expresses the UAE’s commitment to UN MDGs 2 and 3 – namely, to guarantee universal primary education and promote gender equality, respectively. Today, Dubai Cares is reaching 5 million beneficiaries in 24 countries.

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Dubai Cares is a UAE-based philanthropic organization helping to provide children access to quality primary education in developing countries.

MECATS The Middle East Cat Society


PO Box 37288 , Dubai

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The Middle East Cat Society – “MECATS”, is formed to interact with pet cat owners and breeders, cat clubs / associations and cat lovers of the Middle East. Mecats is a full member of the World Cat Federation and with the association of the WCF, we have conducted the following Cat Shows
1st International Cat Show in Dubai – November 2005
2nd International Cat Show in Dubai – November 2006
1st National Cat Show in Abu Dhabi – September 2007
3rd International Cat Show in Dubai – November 2007
4th International Cat Show in Dubai – November 2008 and
5th International Cat Show in Dubai – November 2009

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Aim of MECATS:
To bring together cat owners, breeders, cat clubs / associations and cat lovers of the Middle East, under one banner to look after the affairs of cats, as per international norms.
To educate cat owners and breeders, the right ways and methods accepted by the WCF.
To conduct exhibitions, competitions, meetings and seminars in the Middle East area.
To issue certification of breed and class of cats.
To support activities for the betterment of the cat population.
To stop cruelty towards the stray cats and bring an awareness among people regarding all aspects about the Cats.
MECATS in the past 4 years conducted the study on the local cats of the Gulf area and proposed to the WCF to accept them one of the International Cat Breeds with the name ARABIAN MAU. Ms. Petra Mueller, the president of MECATS took considerable efforts to breed 4 generations of the local cats to prove the originality of its Genes. After various meetings, discussions, presentations and submittal of proofs, the World Cat Federation has accepted the local cats of this region as a pure breed and will be know as the Arabian Mau. We thank the WCF and hope that these special cats of this region will not be abandoned as street cats anymore. (the acceptance notice and the standard presentation can be found in the official website of the World Cat Federation –
MECATS membership is open to cat loving individuals, pet cat owners, cat breeders, cat clubs and associations of the Middle East. We welcome you to check the membership page of our website and join, as we need more members, volunteers and officials to keep our efforts going

All as One


P O Box 72259 , Dubai

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It is the mission of ALL AS ONE to respond to the critical dilemma of orphaned, abandoned, disabled, abused and destitute children in Sierra Leone, who have an urgent for food, housing, education and medical support.
All As One was established in 1997 as an international charity. We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Sierra Leone, whose US office is an IRS 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and whose Dubai office is a nonprofit organization licensed through Dubai International Humanitarian City. Our mission is to respond to the critical dilemma of the orphaned, abandoned, abused and destitute, through the:

ALL AS ONE Children’s Center – Providing a safe home and care for orphaned and abandoned children in Sierra Leone.
ALL AS ONE School – Working to meet the educational needs of the children in our care and in the surrounding community.
ALL AS ONE Medical Clinic – Helping to keep Sierra Leonean children and families healthy, by providing preventative intervention and medical treatment.

OUR FIRST PRIORITY is to provide shelter, medical care, schooling, meals, clothing, social interaction and love for the children in our direct legal custody at our Center in Freetown. In addition, both the clinic and the school serve the surrounding community. All As One has reached out to many families over the years, establishing single mothers with their own businesses and temporarily assisting with housing costs, when a family would otherwise be put onto the streets.

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All As One’s mission is to provide Sierra Leone’s children and women with education, healthcare and other basic needs.

Safe Kids

, Dubai

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Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children of ages 14 and under, taking more lives than disease, violence or any other causes.
Most of these injuries are due to motor vehicle crashes, falls, fires, drowning, bicycle accidents, sporting-related incidents and poisoning. The good news is that these injuries are preventable through increased use of safety equipment, environmental modification and behavior changes.
Safe Kids has already made significant progress in reducing the risk of accidental injury to children in the United States , the national accidental injury death rate among children ages 14 and under has declined more than 40 percent since the inception of Safe Kids. Now, Safe Kids Middle East strives to reach out the Middle Eastern households and trigger the parent’s awareness of safety measures they could use to help protect their children before it’s too late

Prevention is the cure
It has been proven that injuries are not accidents. Injuries occur in patterns and risk factors can be identified. And, just as for chronic and infectious diseases, effective prevention strategies do exist. Many of these unintentional injuries happen during a lapse in supervision or because a safety device wasn’t used. It’s estimated that by taking simple precautions almost all (90%) of these unintentional injuries can be avoided.
Safe Kids Middle East website contains a great wealth of information regarding safety tips and precautions that all parents must be familiar with in order to protect their children from unintentional injuries and provide them with a safer environment.

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Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children of ages 14 and under, taking more lives than disease, violence or any other causes.

Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra


P O Box 72475 , Dubai

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The Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra in the UAE was established in 1993 by Mr. Riad Kudsi. Initially it was named Children’s String Orchestra. To bring in more youth, in 2006 we changed the name to Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO). The orchestra is dedicated to teaching the universal language of classical music to children and teenagers from primary school to high school.
At first the Orchestra consisted of a limited number of students from Mr. Kudsi’s violin teaching practice. In a short period, it began attracting students and musicians from outside. Today there are more than 50 players of violin, viola, cello, double base wind instruments and percussion.

Riad Kudsi

The children who play in the Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra come from many countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, British Ireland, USA, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea among many others. They are joined by a common devotion and love for music, which we believe is the international language for expressing feeling and emotions.
For several years in the past, the Honorary Patronage of HRH Princes Haya Bint Al Hussein wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime minister of UAE, Ruler of Dubai, has been a great source of hope that one day; this orchestra, festival & conservatory will be adopted by the government of Dubai in order not to waist the 16 years of relentless efforts of our founder and conductor Mr. Riad Kudsi. We are looking forward to and sparing no effort to encourage young musicians living in Dubai especially UAE nationals, to join our orchestra to overcome this constant migration of talent in order to retain our capabilities and feed new blood to a future UAE National Symphony Orchestra which we inspire.
EYSO is proud that some of its previous members who completed their academic studies with Mr. Kudsi have gained distinguished musical scholarships to continue their violin studies at the French National Conservatoire, Chethams Music School in England, Indiana University for Music and Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.
The Orchestra has repeatedly performed in several International Music Festivals in Czech Republic, France, Kuwait, and Oman. We are constantly invited to performances, festivals and charitable events all over the world. We make every effort to expose our young talents to these events subject to their other scholastic schedules and needs as well as to our budget.
To contact us send an e-mail to
– Establish a UAE National Music Conservatory for young UAE nationals to develop their musical talents to the highest level of musicianship and enable them become part of Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra which would feed the UAE National Symphony Orchestra which we inspire.
– Improve the children’s musical talent in an appropriate and systematic way, equal to that provided by many developed countries in this field.
– Provide talented young classical musicians with the opportunity to perform in public concerts. Performances enhance musical self-confidence and encourage a disciplined approach to the training of the instrument’s use.
– Enhance and contribute to the cultural and artistic musical environment in the United Arab Emirates, and expose talented local and expatriate children to opportunities that might be more readily available in other countries.
– Promote humanitarian feelings and desire to help, through charitable concerts that bring people closer to each other through common pleasures such as the appreciation of music.

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Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra is a youth orchestra, run entirely on a voluntary basis and yet managing to provide great opportunities for these young people to perform internationally.

Yala Sports


P O Box 191215 , Dubai

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YalaSports is a new vision in Sporting Event Management. Its aim is to provide maximum exposure and opportunities for individuals and organizations with passion for sporting excellence, as well as fostering and encouraging the growing trend of sports participation in Dubai.
Our vast experience in sports management has proved time after time that its knowledge of sports business ideology, policies, initiatives and strategies puts it a step above the rest. YalaSports prides itself in paying close attention to clients’ requirements through detailed planning of events to meet every client’s individual needs. These have been the main factors behind the company’s success.
Our Mission: ” Passionately consider the keystone of success for our clients is an integrated communication plan – centered on positioning strategy that effectively targets your key stakeholders and delivers customized message to them. Attract, promote, and retain sporting events for UAE, as the premier destination for sports events, leisure and entertainment in GCC.”
Our Methodology
Carefully analyze our clients’ needs, carry out the required research to provide tailored and individual services. We utilize our unique expertise to assist our clients to effectively activate corporate sports relationships.

Our Goal
To help our corporate clients exceed their highest expectations through effective sporting activities. YalaSports understands the importance of “Return on Investment” to ensure success, and that this applies even to sports. We always ensure that our clients only enter athletic relationships with the opportunity to maximize return.

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YalaSports, The address of Sports in Dubai. Stay abreast of our sports updates in the Coming Events section or take look around and feel free to Contact Us with any questions or enquiries.
Throughout a long-term commitment to our Goals , we endeavor to be known as a sports company that cares for their athletes and clients alike. Our team provides complete sports management services from conception and planning stage all the way through delivery and implementation.

Dubai Community Health Centre


Jumeirah Beach Road near Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

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Dubai Community Health Centre is a private organization established in 1996. The owner Hanne Al Gurg opened the centre under the name of Childcare and Development Centre, and it was licensed by the Department of Economy, and the Ministry of Education.
Hanne Al Gurg had recognized that there was a need in the society for better understanding of how to help children to thrive in their physical, as well as, intellectual development in order for them grow up to reach their full potentials.
The objective of the centre was to provide services, which would be preventative in terms of addressing issues relation to children in the family and school setting. Bearing in mind that learning difficulties and emotional issues were clouded in mystery and negativity, the environment of the centre was designed to be home-like and child friendly rather than clinical. This was done in order to remove the stigma associated with seeking help for these issues.
The activities of the CDC included courses, workshops, and seminars on topics such as professional development for teacher and parents, as well as, issues related to learning difficulties and special needs. In addition, the centre facilitated support groups and awareness activities.
From these services there developed a need for more clinical services for all age groups, and in 2001 Childcare and Development Center changed its name to Dubai Community Health Centre. It got licensed to offer clinical services to all age groups through the Department of Health and the Ministry of Education.

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Dubai Community Health Centre is a private organization established in 1996. The owner Hanne Al Gurg opened the centre under the name of Childcare and Development Centre, and it was licensed by the Department of Economy, and the Ministry of Education.

Dubai Autism Center


St 6B, off Al Diyafa Street PO Box : 103737 Al Satwa, Dubai

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Founded in 2001, Dubai Autism Center is the largest, most innovative and comprehensive nonprofit organization in the United Arab Emirates serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Our Vision
A center of excellence having highly trained professionals to provide accredited programs to support individuals with Autism and their families, to be an internationally recognized Autism consultancy center for the region.
Our Mission
To successfully integrate children with Autism into the community through our holistic approach to intervention and therapies, together with our focused efforts to create social awareness about Autism.
To run an educational center/school for children with Autism.
To support local authorities in the development of their own specialist services toward Autism.
To publish a range of books and leaflets about Autism to support families and professionals.
To have a library that parents and researchers can use.
To run an Autism helpline for parents and caregivers.
To organize conferences and training programms.
To offer specialist assessments and diagnosis.
To provide consultancy services to professionals and organizations working in the field of Autism.
To encourage research in the field of Autism.
To offer an accredited program for Autism-specific education.
To support local groups and families around the country.
To raise awareness and create a better understanding of Autism.

Dubai Charity Association


P.O. Box 14250 Deira, Dubai

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Dubai Charity Association
(DCA) has started its endeavor for charitable and humanitarian activities since 1994 after being incorporated in Dubai under the Ministerial Decision No. 85 / 1994 issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

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Practicing the charity and human activity in its widest framework and is to be careful about achieving the highest income through raising the donations and delivering the same to their deservers or employing them in execution of the various charity projects inside and outside the Country and keeping pace with the emergency human incidents within Sharia bases.