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We do more than a Moving and Packing service in UAE- we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money. Budget City Movers is your custom long distance mover. We professionalize in Long Distance moves around the UAE. Budget city movers provide services as packers and movers in Dubai. Budget City Movers provide services of Movers and packers in Dubai. From disassembling and packing to unpacking and assembling, we take care of every aspect that is to be kept in mind while giving you the best services. Budget City Movers also provide services of Movers and packers Dubai. We know well, how to handle your things like TV, refrigerator, Plasma, Air Conditioners, Beds and sofas, going above the of level of sensitivity that needs to be maintained while shifting



Marina Crown Dubai Marina, Dubai

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more than 30 years experience in energy field

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Project management, Energy saving survey and Audit, Green Solutions

Bin Ham Group


P.O.Box: 33155 , Dubai

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The founding of “a Bin Ham” came truthful embodiment of the aspirations in supporting the march of construction and development established by the founder and leader, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, after realizing the dream of Union with the members of the Supreme Council rulers of the Emirates, which was the starting point in the establishment of a strong and modern state, based on the principles of tolerance and peace, openness and service of humanity.
Immediately after its founding .., “Bin Ham” to respond to the priorities of the UAE in establishing the necessary infrastructure for the start of cultural renaissance, and the bulk of the group’s activities in the two “Bin Ham’s” Agricultural ” and “Contractors”, role distinguished in the agricultural and architectural renaissance in Ain particular, and Abu Dhabi during the early phase of the country’s history.
In subsequent phases, the economic and social transformations and large ambitions imposed to develop our activities for the period from the various sectors by succeeded process of development and achieving presence on the map of national economic groups.
For our full conviction that the delay was not progressing, we are working to strengthen our patience and absorb the great transformations internally and externally, through entering into new areas of investment offered by the growing economic activity for the UAE, and the growing interest in foreign investments, especially in the Arab countries such as Yemen, Oman, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt and Syria, the aspiring always, we hope, the ideal and role models, to be good at thinking in all our steps and actions, and to register more points in the service of the national economy and in the service of our nation and our inherent.

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The group includes more than thirty companies and foundations operating in the various economic sectors, including: oil drilling, wells drilling, general contracting, engineering, general trading, publishing, education, financial services, travel, investment in real estate, hotels and media, where during this priod the Group turns towards global by directing foreign investments in some Arab and foreign countries, according to deliberate plans.
Sheikh Musallum Salem Bin Ham is the Chairman of the Group, and he is a senior businessman in the UAE, with pioneering role in the founding of various investment projects, and national figures which have their clear imprint in the public sphere.

Hortus Landscaping Works LLC


Office 213, The Light Tower, Arjan, PO Box 128054 Dubailand, Dubai

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We offer landscape design and construction for all size projects and properties, with ESTIMATES and CONSULTATIONS. From the proper installation of plants to the construction of hardscapes like patios, walkways and water features We specialize in quality craftsmanship, providing Design, Installation, and Maintenance . Whether you want a desert-themed landscape or your own tropical oasis, we will install everything needed. Our collective involvement in the landscape is a simple and pleasurable way to celebrate relationship and connection — with friends, families, and neighbors to the living systems that support us. From initial concept to completed project, our dedicated team of landscape design professionals communicates with you every step of the way to help transform your dreams into reality. We can build the garden of your dreams…our motto is “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

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Hortus LLC provides consulting and contracting services in the Urban & Industrial pest management arenas. Our services include entities in a variety of industries and settings including; manufacturers, hospitality, property management, health care, assisted living, theme parks, cruise ships, pest management, museums, zoological parks, agriculture, food processing, warehousing, schools, retail and others.
Hortus LLC Pest Management Division considers improvement of domestic and commercial hygiene to achieve good living conditions. In order to safeguard our houses, food and many other items we need to apply strong pest treatment services. In order to avoid pests permanently, we need a proper General Insect Pest Control Treatment at regular intervals. This system enables peace of mind for a long time. General Insect Pest Control Treatment regularly to eradicate pests and insects from their premises.
We also undertake this treatment on various food plants as they generate huge amount of food odors, food spillages throughout the year. They also generate more heat and water. These sources attract many insects including rodents. Ourinsect pest management treatment services are very handy here.
Tel: +971 4 4219272

Aces Dubai


, Dubai

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Our Services:
– Site and Geotechnical Investigation
– Geotechnical Field Testing
– Materials Technology and Testing
– Testing of Piles and Geotechnical Instrumentation
– Geophysical and Seismic Surveys and Testing
– Special Studies & Consulting Services
– Instrumentation Services
– Tests on Existing Structures

Al Yousuf Agricultural & Landscaping


PO Box 25 , Dubai

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Al Yousuf Agricultural & Landscaping is a newly established group company (October 2008) that focuses on the supply and installation of green roof systems.
We are the exclusive agency for ZinCo Green Roof in the region, and one of best representations of our work can be seen at the Al Shaqab Equestrian Club in Doha, Qatar, owned by The Qatar Foundation.
Apart from providing and promoting superior roofing solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost effective, our teams are well equipped to provide consultation, technical support and after sales service.
Green roofing systems
A green roof is a surface that is specifically designed to accommodate vegetation and human usage. Examples include specialty gardens, terrace gardens, patios, play areas, ponds and driveways.
Apart from creating new utility/usable space, green roofs have numerous ecological and economic advantages including extended roof life expectancy, sound and thermal insulation, natural habitats for flora and fauna, water retention, climate moderation, pollution reduction, and visual enhancement.
Modern green roofs were introduced almost 30 years ago in Germany, and are rapidly becoming popular additions to buildings around the world.

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Advantages of green roofs
Lightweight and durable
Attractive appearance
Imitates nature
Superior technology
Superior environmental benefits
ZinCo GmbH
ZinCo Group is an international pioneer in designing and manufacturing green roof systems for high density urban areas. Since our inception in 1957, we have led the industry’s growth and advancement by developing environmentally smart solutions that reduce urban heat island effect and improve storm water management. Our award winning products and systems help clients develop stunning landscapes that are earth-friendly by conserving energy and producing cleaner air and water in urban areas.



PO Box 17937 , Dubai

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Valmont Industries is a leading producer and distributor of products for the infrastructure and agriculture markets.
Valmont Industries began in 1946 when our founder, Robert B. Daugherty combined his $5,000 savings and wholehearted belief that business could and should be done better. Since that modest start more than half a century ago, our company has grown to be an international leader in engineered products and services for infrastructure and water-conserving irrigation equipment for agriculture.
From the lighting and traffic structures that guide your way, to communication towers and utility structures that power your home and business, to irrigation equipment that waters the croplands on which your food is grown, Valmont products improve lives worldwide.

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Valmont Industries operates in four primary business segments: Engineered Infrastructure Products, Utility Support Structures, Irrigation and Coatings; as well as in the tubing, grinding media and electrolytic manganese dioxide businesses. Valmont (VMI) is publicly traded on the NYSE.
We focus on two global markets: infrastructure and agriculture. Valmont Industries is present in 23 developed and developing countries, offering 27 brands from more than 90 facilities. International sales represent a significant portion of our revenues.
Valmont’s employees are passionate about the products we make. Along with our customers, they are the cornerstone of our success. We pride ourselves on being people of integrity who excel at delivering optimal results. We pursue opportunities for growth by taking our products and processes to new markets, introducing new products to regions where we have a presence, and continually improving our services to ensure that Valmont solutions are second-to-none.

Meac Technical Industries FZCO


PO Box 261237 Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai

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Since its founding in 1983, MEAC member of Abdullah Abunayyan Group has been an active player in the water management industry through researching, sourcing, analyzing and introducing to the region; innovative, reliable, proven and applicable comprehensive irrigation systems and products from leading Global manufacturers aiming at water saving.

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MEAC today with 13 regional branches and subsidiaries, 1 manufacturing facility, qualified and competent engineering and agro-technical team, well equipped products support department and distributed sizable inventory has become the largest provider of branded irrigation total solutions in the region that are readily available for every type of agriculture and landscaping venture from high-tech corporate farms and landscaping contractors to traditional family owned farms.

Planetfair Dubai LLC


PO Box 29278 , Dubai

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Our fairs offer our customers the opportunity to present themselves individually in numerous industries existing or new business partners at different locations. Especially in the age of the Internet and especially the Web 2.0 in the information society, our exhibitors appreciate the personal contact with their customers, the benefits of the incarnate and flexible advice and the physical presentation of their products. These objectives, a company can realize by making an appearance at our fairs.
In order to provide our customers the highest possible efficiency of their participation, our way of working is based on the following pillars:
We are extremely service oriented, flexible and able to assist our clients in all tasks in the context of an exhibition. We supply everything from a single source – the exhibition space, stand construction, transportation, travel, or discuss the possibilities of financing public support.
Our internal project-specific basis in small teams together, so special emphasis is placed on personal contact with the customers. We want every customer, whether large or small footprint, whether leader or niche player, get to know individual and satisfy his expectations of a trade fair.

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Our core competence lies in the organization of trade fairs in the largest exhibition market in the world, in Germany, as well as in Eastern Europe and especially in the Middle East. Through our subsidiary in Dubai , we have an excellent infrastructure, good contacts and excellent knowledge of the boom in the Gulf region.
Among our fairs are many official holdings of federal ministries (BMWi and BMELV) or provinces in trade fairs abroad. In addition, our portfolio includes also national consumer fairs. We organize so-called “in-house exhibitions” for large enterprises and lead by measuring on behalf of chambers or communities of interest.
Since its founding in September 2002, much has changed, we have grown. Grown in the offer, in the number of employees in sales and earnings. Today we have over 800 exhibitors annually or customers and are responsible for approximately 21,000 sqm as (net) of floor space, generated by 14 employees and 20-25 fairs annually.
Our partners include the most reputable exhibition companies, business associations and leading media. Our customers are global market leaders as well as small and medium-sized companies.