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Mask Mee – Online Store

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Mask Mee masks are environmentally responsible, reusable, material masks designed to match your unique style. With insertable filter capability plus 29 designs for women and 5 for men to choose from, you can feel comfortable knowing both your style and your safety are at the top of the game.
We specialise in comfortable, fitted designs. Therefore Mask Mee comes in two sizes for men and women and doesn’t have elastic over the ears, which can be painful with prolonged use.
Sadly, there are a lot of people suffering right now, many people can’t afford masks or proper protection. Mask Mee wants to help in any way possible so, for each mask sold, we will be contributing toward masks for those in the community who really need it.

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In The Press: As we navigate our way through the current COVID-19 pandemic, staying safe is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The outside world is a little uncertain at the moment and can feel overwhelming when stepping out for grocery shopping and other essentials. Newly launched Mask Mee is here to help you and the UAE community feel a little more protected and comfortable, ensuring you can keep going in this ‘new normal’, whilst keeping reserves of medical grade face masks for the people who need them most; our Healthcare Heroes

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Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences


P O Box 212671 Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park ( DuBiotech), Dubai

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Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is a UAE based Biotechnology Company under the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, DUBIOTECH, Dubai. The company has a vision to prevent morbidity and mortality among individuals and families with or at risk of genetic, congenital, and/or familial disorders. We want to provide quality screening, education and family-centered comprehensive services for the Middle Eastern people.
The long term objective of Eastern Biotech is to make a significant contribution to finding Biotechnological solution to the modern day diseases which are going to become a major health issue of the future i.e. Diabetics and Obesity. Initially, we will conduct the epidemiological and clinical research which will be followed by genetic research on these diseases in the years to come.

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UAE based biotechnology company, offering a general medical diagnostic tests including DNA Tests, cancer screening tests, paternity tests, genetic tests, cytogenetic test, genomic profiling and more.

Arab Lab and Instrumentation


P O Box 125303 , Dubai

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ARABLAB is the only trade show for the Analytical Industry that reaches buyers from the growth markets such as the Middle East & Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent as well as China & Asia.
ARABLAB is the global buying source for tomorrows decision reaching technology makers and end users as well as being a truly unique research source.
ARABLAB is the world’s leading buying and infromatkion source for all the very latest tecchnology in field such as:
– Clinical Diagnostics
– Environmental Sciences
– Drug Discovery & Development
– Forensics & Security
– Biotechnology & Life Sciences
– Energy & Petrochemicals
– Agriculture & Food
– Research & Development
– Instrumentation
– Nano Technology
– Laboratory Technology
– Measurement & Testing
– Robotics & Automation

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ARABLAB is the global buying source for tomorrow’s decision reaching technology makers & end users as well as being a truly unique research source.

Freiburg Medical Laboratory LLC


near Regent Palace, Avenue Building, P O Box 3068 Bur Dubai, Dubai

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Freiburg Medical Laboratory Middle East LLC is a joint venture between the University of Freiburg, Synlab Laboratories (Germany) and the Al Abbas Group (UAE). FML was the first medical laboratory to receive the coveted ISO 15189 accreditation certificate in the Middle East.
The goal of this independent laboratory is to provide patients, doctors, clinics, polyclinics and hospitals with sophisticated lab-analysis and routine medical tests that meet predefined quality parameters. The lab boasts state-of-the-art equipments and experienced technicians, supported by the scientific know-how of Synlab Laboratories and the University of Freiburg, Germany. Currently, FML performs more than 400 general and specific investigations.
The lab has the required expertise to carry out the more difficult and sophisticated tests that have previously been sent abroad, thereby offering the regional medical organizations a faster turnaround time. Moreover, FML provides all its referring doctors a productive communication system that enhances individual patient diagnostics quality.
The laboratory, spreading over 5000 sq.ft, is headed by Associate Professor Dr. Michaela Jaksch who specializes in laboratory medicine and works with a team of highly qualified medical technicians.
To provide a strong local presence in the Middle East as an international standard laboratory that is dedicated in providing quality lab services and diagnostics.

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Freiburg Medical Laboratory Middle East LLC is a joint venture between the University of Freiburg, Synlab Laboratories (Germany) and the Al Abbas Group (UAE). FML was the first medical laboratory to receive the coveted ISO 15189 accreditation certificate in the Middle East.

Middle East YorkTest


Office 509, Indigo Tower, PO Box 282482 Jumeirah Lake Towers - JLT, Dubai

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This Laboratory is considered as the first specialized medical laboratory in the Middle East for allergy and Food Intolerance testing.
Introducing Food Intolerance
Designed as a simple two step process, our food intolerance test helps identify the foods that may be contributing to your symptoms through a finger prick blood sample. Our food intolerance test has helped hundreds of people find relief from their symptoms, now you too can take control of your health and within ten days be one step closer to better health.
Our extensive portfolio of finger prick blood tests are processed in our clinically accredited laboratory, providing you peace of mind that you are receiving high quality, laboratory analyzed results in the comfort of your home.Our tests include food intolerance testing and allergy testing,
The majority of our tests include a comprehensive aftercare service through telephone nutritionist consultations for added convenience.
Middle East Yorktest laboratory JLT started to perform these tests to the entire Middle East region and India under the license of YORKTEST England, which we established 8 years ago. Based on the excellent results obtained by most of those who underwent these tests, we have decided to establish our new laboratory. Middle East Yorktest laboratory JLT, to specialized in this type of analysis.
In addition, Meyorktests conduct scientific research showing the correlation between food intolerance and some diseases that spread recetly like autism. Preliminary studies showed that we have had a direct relationship between food intolerance and the severity of symptoms resulting from autism.

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Meyorktest – This Laboratory is considered as the first specialized medical laboratory in the Middle East for allergy and Food Intolerance testing.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib


P O Box 505005 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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In the year 1995, Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib established the first medical Center in Riyadh which marks the humble beginning and the foundation of Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group.
Presently, Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (HMG) is one of the leading Private Health Care Groups currently operating 9 Medical Facilities, including 4 Hospitals and 5 Specialized Medical Centers and in the near future 2 Medical Cities, 2 Hospital and 3 Medical Center are underway across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.
Dr. Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Habib is the founder and the Chairman of Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group which owns and operates a number of hospitals and medical centers in KSA & UAE. Dr. Al Habib is a highly qualified, MRCP (UK) and DCH (London) certified Consultant Pediatrician.
Dr. Al Habib is also a co-owner and board member of Al Habib Real Estate Co. ,a company which owns a number of vital real estate projects in KSA.
Dr. Al Habib has a vast experience of working on key positions in leading healthcare organizations such as:
* Chief of Medical Staff at King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh.
* Chairman of the Pediatric Department at Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh.
* Consultant Pediatrician & Pediatric Endocrinologist at King Saud University, Riyadh
* Senior Medical Consultant in the Ministry of Health, Riyadh
Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group aims on becoming the largest and fastest growing provider of healthcare excellence in the Middle East with state-of-the-art medical facilities and comprehensive medical services based on highest international standards in healthcare.
Our mission is to provide exceptional and complete medical care, combined with the compassion to improve the quality of life of people from all walks of life. We are committed to consistently bringing the most advanced medical technology, highly qualified and distinguished medical professionals and competent administrative staff to maintain the high quality of services rendered to our patients and serving them with all honesty, respect and confidence.

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Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (HMG), a highly reputable and one of the largest providers of comprehensive healthcare services in the Middle East. HMG is currently operating 7 Medical Facilities, including 4 Hospitals and 3 Medical Centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Gulf Healthcare International


Level 4, IBN Al Thahabi Bldg., P O Box 2547 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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Gulf Healthcare International has a proud history of successful investment in the healthcare market.
Our company charter demands continued implementation of international best practice,
based on expertise and specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector.
As one of the few healthcare networks in the GCC, Gulf Healthcare International already owns a total of 19 business units comprising the large and successful chain of Medsol Diagnostic Laboratories, plus three polyclinic brands – Al Noor, British Medical Centre and German Medical Care all moving to the united brand of Amber Clinics.
Building on this stable and profitable business, Gulf Healthcare International’s aim is to increase market share, enhance the brand’s reputation and significantly extend operations through an aggressive programme of further acquisition and expansion in healthcare businesses throughout the GCC.
Gulf Healthcare International will continue to create value for our owners, stakeholders and the Gulf nations we serve, by delivering quality healthcare which is accessible and affordable for all.
We intend to build GHI into a $250m business by 2015.
The company has seen revenues grow to almost $35 million in 2010 from just $14 million two years ago.
By 2015, our target is $250 million.
To meet this target, we plan to:
Continue to develop Medsol Diagnostics as the partner of choice for independent doctors and hospitals across the GCC.
Develop two significant Primary Care Brands; Amber Clinics and Atria Clinics providing quality care to different demographics.
Build a market leading Occupational Healthcare business across the region.
Leverage professional partnerships and Government relationships to further develop our capability and opportunities for vertical integration.
Gulf Healthcare International will be regarded as one of the strongest players in the GCC regional healthcare Market, a pioneering market leader which uses international best practice and medical expertise, and should become a quality benchmark for Government Healthcare Departments.
Our values are increasingly important as our business develops.
They will be used as a barometer of our behaviors and culture as we grow and our determination to adhere to these values shall cascade throughout all of the Gulf Healthcare International family.
For Gulf Healthcare International, this means simply:
The freedom to make decisions , to celebrate success and learn from failure.
The ability to access information and resources in planning for the future.
Empowerment to consider all options and to celebrate innovation.
A focus on the teams, our clients and our shareholder interests.
Positive-thinking about the ability to make change happen.
Support to learn and access skills for the development of individuals and the company.
And a resolute commitment to the dignity and health of our patients.
Our Achievements
SME Stars of Business Awards 2010, Health and Wellness Section
Congratulations to Gulf Healthcare International!
We are proud and very pleased to announce that in November 2010, Gulf Healthcare International won the SME Stars of Business Awards 2010, Health and Wellness Section.
Mr Rizwan Azam, HR Manager attended the award ceremony to personally receive a wonderful cut glass trophy on behalf of Gulf Healthcare International, presented by ADCB, which we shall display with pride at the Arab Health Exhibition stand in January 2011 for all to see, highlighting another achievement.
It is quite an achievement to have been a winner amongst 3,500 externally audited nominations and we are very proud of our recognised success. But most of all, it is testament to the dedication and skills of the workforce within the organisation that make us most proud.
Gulf Healthcare International opens the first MRI Facility in Kuwait
On the 12th of December 2010, Gulf Healthcare International organized a scientific workshop at the Movenpick Hotel, Al Badaa, Kuwait and invited numerous doctors to reveal the installation of the MRI into the Specialized Clinics Centre. Dr. Al Kandari announced that the Ministry of Health is also going to make the (MRI) available in every general hospital, because it does not use ionic rays which is considered to be a type of radiation, but uses instead Magnetic resonance imaging, declaring that (MRI) gives an excellent diagnosis and very clear picture with fine details. Dr Al Kandari also said that the (MRI) can be either closed or open at one end and the usage of either type of the MRI depends on the decision of the doctors and according to the condition of the patient.
The (MRI) can be used for every part of the body including legs, arms, throat, face, chest, bone, nerves and tissues as the (MRI) can pin point the effect of disease in fine picture format.
Mr. Mark Adams, CEO of Gulf Healthcare International, spoke to the audience and outlined the company intentions to continue providing high quality service throughout laboratories and medical centres within the GCC region and in fact, were planning to expand into eventually acquiring hospitals. Medsol Diagnostics is the name of the laboratory division of Gulf Healthcare International and currently has 5 laboratories in the State of Kuwait e.g. Salmiya Medical Lab, British Medical Centre, Specialized Clinics Centre, Al Hamra Medical Lab and the German Medical Centre. Mark Adams also said that the (MRI) has the Achieva System with pulsar HP+ gradient system which ensures that performance is achieved over the entire 53cm field view with an excellent linearity.
The Vice President for Kuwait Operations, Mr. Ravi Dhir expressed that after Gulf Healthcare International had installed the (MRI) at the Specialized Clinics Centre, Kuwait it was hoped that the same quality machine could be installed in other GHI owned clinics across the region.
2010 Reward and Recognition Event held at the Mina A’Salaam Hotel, Dubai
On the 5th of November 2010, Gulf Healthcare International was proud to show support and recognition to staff that had ‘gone the extra mile’ within the organisation, by holding a special Reward and Recognition event, at the Majlis Ballroom, Mina A’Salaam Hotel.
The opulent setting of the event was themed Shanghai Nights, and took us back through the mists of time to the decadent 1930’s Far East.
Gulf Healthcare International is immensely proud of all the staff throughout the organisation and strives towards recognising individual members of our GHI family that really do live the values and behaviours we stand for. It is through these colleagues, that we can demonstrate our company strives to make a difference to peoples lives.
Gulf Healthcare International holds two staff reward and recognition events annually with the ultimate prize being ‘Employee of the Year’.
In 2010, the honour of this achievement went to our Lab in charge, Buthayna for her commitment to her team, her clients and the quality of standards at the Al Abbar Laboratory, Dubai.

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Gulf Healthcare International is a progressive, quality healthcare provider located throughout the Middle Eastern regions, with a reputation for dynamic innovation underpinned by a strong value and ethics based culture. Based in Dubai Healthcare City, Gulf Healthcare International has quickly grown to establish itself as one of the major players for healthcare improvement and innovation throughout the GCC region.

Golden Tree Medicines


Churchill Executive Tower, P O Box 51985 Business Bay, Dubai

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Golden Tree Medicines is a limited liability company (LLC) established in 1997 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the exclusive Middle East agent, distributor and marketer for various international companies active in the Health Care Sector.

Since its creation in 1997, Golden Tree Medicines has dedicated itself to the introduction of a range of European high quality niche products to the Middle Eastern markets, aimed at helping patients improve their quality of life.

Golden Tree Medicines is managed by a team of professional pharmacists, with years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle Eastern markets. The company is chaired by Dr. Karim Badr, an ex Janssen-Cilag Middle East Regional Director. Strict adherence to the highest ethical standards, unmatched professionalism, and total commitment to our principals, regional partners and faithful customers, have catapulted Golden Tree Medicines to a leading position, making us one of the fastest growing small-to-medium sized companies in the UAE in the health care field.
Golden Tree Medicines has formed a strategic alliance with KayBee International in Brussels, Belgium, which acts as its liaison office with the European Companies’ Headquarters.
Our Vision
To succeed in what we do requires us to faithfully add value to our principals, partners and customers. We will achieve that by continuously thriving for excellence in the products we provide to our customers, and the services we provide to our clients and partners.

Our Mission
To act as a healthcare bridge between our partners and our customers by bringing to the people of the Middle East innovative products that will enhance their quality of life.

Our Objectives
* To assist our partners we represent in reaching their sales objectives and market penetration.
* To provide our partners with quality local marketing and distribution tools.
* To assist new companies not yet present in the Middle East markets, to find the proper channels and the right partners for a quick and effective introduction to their markets.
Our Team

Dr. Karim Badr

Founder & Managing director
Dr. Karim Badr graduated from the university of Besancon in France in 1972. While living in Belgium he then spent the next 25 years working in multinational companies such as Squibb and Johnson and Johnson Middle East. In 1997 he established Kaybee International, a consulting company in Brussels, and Golden Tree Medicines in Dubai for the import, marketing and distribution of healthcare products. Dr. Badr now spends his time between Dubai and Brussels.

Dr. Sherif al Gameel

Regional Manager
Dr. Sherif al Gameel graduated in 1982 as a pharmacist from the Cairo Faculty. He joined Roussel in 1988 and then was Sales Manager for the Western Area of Saudi Arabia for Al Haya in 1992. He joined Golden Tree Medicines in 1998 as Sales & Marketing Manager and is currently the Regional Manager for the Middle East, particularly in charge of Marketing and Training for the region.

Nadim Badr

Asst. General Manager
Nadim Badr joined Golden Tree Medicines in January 2011. Previously, he worked for Burson-Masteller, a leading Public Relations company assisting clients with media and public relations and crisis management. He then worked for a northern-European company as country manager opening and managing online portals in the auctioning, sales and educational sectors.

Talal Murhaf

Office Manager
Talal Murhaf graduated from the Al Baath university (Homs, Syria) in 1995 as a civil engineering. He joined Golden Tree Medicines in 1998 as Office Administrator. Over the years, he was named Office Manager and earned many responsibilities within the company such as: invoicing for customers, clearing the shipments from customs, managing the warehouse, government affairs, purchase orders, sales reports and more.

Dr. Lama Abo Galambo

Field Sales Supervisor Kuwait
Dr. Abo Galambo joined Golden Tree Medicines – based with local distributor YIACO – in 2005 as a Medical Representative. Since then, she has proven her value and her leadership skill through dedication and hard work. Since March 2011, she has been promoted to Field Sales Supervisor. Dr. Abo Galambo graduated from Amman University in Jordan in 2000 as a pharmacist.

Dr. Abdullah Abu Loha

Sales Manager KSA
Dr. Abu Loha graduated from the Al asra university in Jordan in 1998. He joined Louis Widmer in March 1999 as a Medical Representative for the Western region of Saudi Arabia. In January 2006 he was promoted to Field Sales Supervisor for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is now the Sales Manager for Saudi Arabia since January 2011.

Dr. Amer Zuhairi

Field Sales Supervisor U.A.E.
Dr. Amer Zuhairi graduated from An Najah University in Nablus, Palestine in 2001 as a pharmacist. He started working as a medical representative for Golden Tree Medicines via our alocal agent AMCO in Saudi Arabia in 2002. He was promoted to Senior Medical Representative in January 2010 and moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In March 2011 he was promoted to Field Sales Supervisor for the United Arab Emirates.

More Details

Golden Tree Medicines is a limited liability company (LLC) established in 1997 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the exclusive Middle East agent, distributor and marketer for various international companies active in the Health Care Sector.

Al Abbar Medical & Scientific Supplies


P O Box 15681 , Dubai

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Al Abbar Supplies – Introduction & History
Al Abbar Medical and Scientific Supplies were established in 1998 under the supervision and direction of Dr. Mohammed Al Khalili. It was the first stage of the Al Abbar Medical Group. Al Abbar Medical and Scientific Supplies, is a key player in the laboratory instrumentation and equipments market in the U.A.E and the surrounding region.
The company is specific to medical laboratories; it supplies a wide range of semi and fully automated lab machines, reagents, lab instruments, and rapid tests. Al Abbar is a dynamic and ambitious company always striving to provide the customer with more products and better service.
In late 2004, Al Abbar Medical Group founded a subsidiary to Al Abbar Medical Supplies. This subsidiary is called Al Buhairah Medical and its function is to support Al Abbar Medical Supplies in the local market and ensure that all the clients are catered to according to our high standards.
Staff and Employees
Al Abbar Medical and Scientific Supplies currently employ’s a team of nine professional employees. These include two highly skilled technicians whose responsibilities include maintenance of machines and post sale technical support. The Al Abbar team also includes an in-house biomedical engineer, three skilled marketing professionals and two administrative and accounts people. Al Abbar also houses a logistic team that services the local U.A.E market.
International Business Analysis
Over the years Al Abbar Medical and Scientific Supplies has formed a number of strong business alliances with foreign countries. The Alliances include distribution of products and joint scientific ventures (Research).
More about Al Abbar Supplies

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Al Abbar Medical and Scientific Supplies was established in 1998 under the supervision and direction of Dr. Mohammed Al Khalili. This was the first stage in the establishment of Al Abbar Medical Group. Al Abbar Medical and Scientific Supplies is a key player in the laboratory instrumentation and equipments market in the UAE and the GCC region.

Med Cell International


4th Level, Building 25, P O Box 505083 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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Med Cells International FZ LLC is the official distributor of Cells4Life in the Middle East. Med Cells aims to add value and support to the medical industry and any families dealing within the medical system.
Med Cells was originally founded in late 2005 in order to facilitate a presence in the Middle East, for a British stem cell storage company. The reason leading to this unique service was due to the founder, Darryn Keast, looking for a reliable stem cell storage company to store his own child’s stem cells at birth. At the time, he realized there were not many options for this valuable service available to parents living in the Middle East, so Med Cells was formed to do just this.
Med Cells was set up in Dubai Health Care City as a Medical Sales and Marketing Company as well as to provide Management Consultancy Services in the medical industry, both passions and former experiences of the founder.
Med Cells is the sole distributor of Cells4Life, a UK stem cell collection and storage company, based in Sussex, UK. Umbilical cord blood stem cell storage is a service providing parents with peace of mind and many potential benefits, for their new born child’s future. For more information on the service, please log onto – or click on the product tab above to view the full service offered by Cells4Life and Med Cells in the Middle East.
Med Cells has affiliate offices across the Middle East region including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon.
Med Cells offers a 25 years Premium Service Plan, which includes the following :
The Cells4Life Blood collection kit
Maternal blood collection kit
Courier service
Viability testing
Viability report
Cord blood screening / testing
Maternal blood screening / testing
Testing certificate
Access to advice from a medical professional in the UK

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MedCells is the official distributor for Cells4Life in the Middle East, offering a unique and quality service providing parents and healthcare professionals with the highest level of information and support in umbilical cord blood stem cell collection and storage.



2nd Level, Building 72, P O Box 505119 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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Sysmex’s integrated solutions
for the medical laboratory
Challenging tasks are the most interesting for Sysmex, especially where customized solutions are required. »The course is set by the sail, not by the wind« – that has been Sysmex’ motto with many pioneering feats on new terrain, thus setting trends and standards.
Sysmex’s objective has been to establish concrete solutions for the in-vitro diagnostic environment to meet current and future overall conditions of the medical lab. Such solutions comprise analytic units presenting an integrated concept in combination with organization, knowledge and information components.
Sysmex Europe GmbH (SEG) is a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, a
leading international company designing and producing diagnostic
solutions for medical laboratories world-wide.
Located in Hamburg Sysmex Europe GmbH is taking care for bringing the
latest healthcare relevant developments to Europe, Middle East and Africa through our affiliate companies and local co-operation partners.
Co-ordination of marketing and service activities and communication
of regulatory- and market demands to our Japanese mother company made
Sysmex the market leader for haematology systems in Europe. The brand
name Sysmex is well-known and respected world-wide as being
synonymous for innovation and reliability of products and services.
President & CEO: Dr. Michael Schaefer, Hamburg-Norderstedt
Managing Director: Dr. Jürgen Schulze, Hamburg-Norderstedt
Managing Director: Kohei Sumitani, Hamburg-Norderstedt
Managing Director: Matthias Völkel, Hamburg-Norderstedt
Managing Director: Kazuya Obe, Kobe, Japan

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Regional office for Sysmex Europe GmbH (SEG) which is a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation – a leading company designing and producing diagnostic solutions of medical laboratories worldwide. The Dubai office carries out sales and marketing services as well as technical training for Sysmex hematology and urinalysis instruments, reagents and service support.

Medical Solutions (MEDSOL)


4th Level, Buildinh 24, P O Box 2547 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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Medsol Diagnostics is the leading network of diagnostic pathology laboratories providing efficient and reliable solutions for doctors, hospitals and private healthcare providers who require a broad range of diagnostic testing and health screening services.
We help ensure accurate and timely diagnosis, informing appropriate treatment decisions, better healthcare and improved clinical outcomes. Our state of the art diagnostic machinery, expert technicians and dedicated laboratory practices will ensure that results are always delivered quickly and accurately.
We pride ourselves on strict adherence to clinical best practice. In fact, we are the only laboratory network with a dedicated, full time Quality Assurance Manager.
Our laboratories not only comply with strict regional health authority regulations, but also were the first network to initiate the accreditation process in the UAE. Thus we are also accredited through stringent international bodies such as JCI USA, Joint Commission International and ISO, the International Organisation for Standardisation.
The highest standards of inter-laboratory Quality Control ensure that each and every result reported in every one of our laboratories is accurate and reproducible again and again.
Finally, we are dedicated to providing all of our services, not only to the highest professional standards, but also in a caring and personal fashion that will make your patient’s experience a comfortable, reassuring and supportive one.
At Medsol Diagnostics, we set our sights high.
Our aspirations are clearly focused on becoming the Doctor and patient’s choice for quality, accurate diagnostic testing with fast turnaround times.
Based on our reputation for providing premium medical services to hospitals, private healthcare providers, clinics, health insurance providers and the communities of the GCC region, we are confident of making our vision a reality.
One of Medsol Diagnostics philosophies is strict adherence to clinical best practice, which is why we accredit our laboratories through stringent international bodies such as JCI USA, Joint Commission International and ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, as well as comply with strict regional health authority regulation.

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A leading network of diagnostic laboratories operating throughout the MENA region. The major laboratories are ISO 15189 and JCSI accredited.



Block A, Building 27, P O Box 55320 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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At Amico, we have intimate knowledge of the local markets, emerging local trends, economic changes and cultural differences throughout the region.
“Think globally, act locally”
is a precise definition of our corporate culture.
We support our customers by helping their businesses with marketing-oriented services. We develop customized business plans for customers, design floor plans, discuss office automation and management software, as well as consult on ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals and optical shops.
Amico is a leader and pioneer in a number of medical fields.
The company markets and services a broad line of surgical and diagnostic equipment and devices used in:
• ophthalmology
• dermatology
• neurosurgery
• orthopedics
• cardiology
• plastic surgery
All of our divisions successfully engage in marketing, servicing and customer support.
– Ophthalmology
– ENT/ Cochlear Implants
– Dermatology
– Neurology
– Orthopedics/Spine
– Cosmetic Surgery
– Optical Services
– Lens Laboratory

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Marketing a broad line of surgical and diagnostic equipment used in Ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology and plastic surgery.

Medica Line


5th Level, Building 26, P O Box 183796 Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Dubai

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Founded by the joint efforts of highly experienced group of professionals, Medica Line is specialized in the fields of:
* Medical Instrumentation
* Diagnostic Laboratories
* Specialized Genetic Laboratories
* Specialized Analytical Laboratories
Medica Line imports & distributes state-of-the-art medical equipment, laboratory equipment, hospital & laboratory furniture, and general consumable products.
Medica Line can plan and execute turn-key laboratory projects covering the fields of Toxicology, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic DNA, Neonatal Screening, Cord Blood Banking, and Pre-implant Genetic Diagnosis Laboratories.
* Provide the medical market falling under our territory with quality products,
quality services and high-tech medical & Laboratory projects.
* Build a mutual beneficially long –term partnership with our customers and suppliers.
* Ensure profitability and regular growth to our company aiming to maintain a flourishing business.
Area coverage
Medica Line covers the territory of United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Ethiopia, Jordan. Our head-quarter is located in Dubai Health Care City “DHCC”, with offices that carry comprehensive operations in each country inclosing in-house logistics, sales teams and support engineers .
* Laboratory Instrument & Supplies Retail Division
* Laboratory Projects Planning & Execution
* Division
* Biomedical Engineering Division

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Medica Line imports and distributes state-of-the-art medical equipment, laboratory equipment, hospital and laboratory furniture and general consumable products. Medica Line can plan and execute turn-key laboratory projects covering the fields of toxicology, analytical chemistry, molecular biology, forensic chemistry, forensic DNA, neonatal screening, cord blood banking and pre-implant genetic diagnostic laboratories.

Arabian Ethicals


P O Box 9081 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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Arabian Ethicals is a subsidiary of Ghobash Trading & Investment Co. Ltd., a leading organization in the UAE with established business in the fields of Information Technology, Chemicals, Oil Fields Supplies, and Healthcare. Arabian Ethicals company, otherwise referred to as “AE” was established in 1977 in the Emirate of Dubai as agents to Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment /consumable manufacturers.
Today owned by two prominent U.A.E businessmen, this multimillion dollar company is one of the best established distributors in the area. With a reputation for excellence, it distributes for many multinational manufacturers specializing in a wide range of pharmaceutical, consumer, veterinary and medical supplies and equipment.
AE employs 91 persons including sales and technical personnel. It has offices and warehousing facilities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as its own retail pharmacy operation. The company has undertaken aggressive expansion plans that will spread its already strong presence regionally. Its objective is to expand upon its remarkable UAE growth and to be the successful link to regional markets of the Middle East, Africa, and Near East Asia for many of its principal companies. From its Dubai base it will manage the regional marketing and distribution for its many represented manufacturers.

AE to provide high quality health care products to our customers, aiming to achieve a ranking in the first quartile of similar business groups, focusing on customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, adopting latest technology, employing high caliber staff.
AE to maintain and enhance existing partnerships and continue to seek new R&D partnerships for innovative products to meet the growing needs of the public and private sectors
AE wants to provide the stakeholders returns that meet their expectations and reflect outstanding performance.

More Details

Arabian Ethicals is the sole agent and distribution for well known multinational pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of therapeutic product choices.



Rohani Bldg., Al Itihad Road, P O Box 181265 Deira, Dubai

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PROCARE has been assisting elderly, handicapped and mothers to newly born in the United Arab Emirates since 2001.
PROCARE is based on Sweden’s National program for Home healthcare. With one of the world’s oldest populations ( 18% aged 65 or above) together with a reduction of the number of hospital beds over the last years has reinforced home care as a priority in the Swedish Public Health Care system. Many disabled and handicapped persons have 24 hour care by “Personal assistants” subsidised by the government.
The experience and know-how achieved in this process was introduced by Procare to Dubai 2001. Procare have now successfully grown as one of the largest Home Care provider in the UAE.

Of tradition and as part of the Islamic society –Men in the costal areas often were away for fishing or pearling over an extended time. Women’s responsibilities included bringing up the children and care for the elderly as well as all other duties connected with operating a household. These household tasks were performed with competence and awareness.
In recent time society changed, as well as the women’s and families role. More and more women work outside the home, and even if they stay home the responsibility and expectations in raising children and running a household has increased. The benefits of consulting Procare, unloads a great burden, as well as giving you confidence that your loved one gets the best care possible.
In the UAE life expectancy has risen to 68,1 years ( 1980) to 77,7 years 2008 presenting a remarkable advance in a relatively short period of time.(
The importance of preventive and professional nursing care in the home will be a compliment to the skilled medical and high technological advances on the medical field. This can avoid prolonged and unnecessary hospitalization when the patient can be cared for and discharged to home.
Procare is a private company committed to provide high quality and cost effective care giving for elderly and disabled in their own homes.
We would like to see a society in UAE where the isolation secondary to ageing or handicap will be reduced, and facilitate for everyone to be part of the day to day life. Go out to restaurant for a nice dinner, enjoy the fish or vegetable market or just meet friends at a cafeteria. Even if in need of a wheelchair or walking device the environment and set up in the community should make this possible.
We can see great improvements in these areas during the last years due to efforts and support from H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktom, Vice- President of UAE and Ruler of Dubai and his wife HRH Princess Haya.
“This is Active Ageing”
The program is developed to meet requirements of individuals in need of professional care giving.
We offer a natural extension following acute medical care provided by hospitals locally or abroad.
Evidence-based research highlights the benefits of being cared for with family close by in a familiar environment and with professional care giving.
Our program integrates rehabilitation into the daily activities. We work in close cooperation with both private and public hospitals and institutions.

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Procare is a private company committed to provide high quality and cost effective care giving for elderly and disabled in their own homes.

1m First Medical Center


Haleeba Plaza, Muraqqabat Street near Travel Market Deira, Dubai

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First Medical Center started with a concept – where international standards of healthcare delivery systems are implemented in the Middle East and are accompanied by preeminent professionals to bring about supreme service to the community. At First Medical Center, we believe in providing not just health care but a holistic goodness to our patients in a compassionate and relaxing atmosphere, that’s sure to strike an instant chord with the patients and make them feel at home.
Dr. Babu Shersad has over 25 years of experience spread around the USA, the Middle East and India. He attained his MBBS degree from the premier and renowned Jawaharlal Institute (JIPMER), Pondicherry. He did his MD at Mangalore University, India and at Wayne State University / Detroit Medical Center, USA, followed by a Fellowship in Nephrology at the prestigious University of Chicago / Albert Billings Hospital, USA.
Dr. Shersad is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Subspecialty Board certified in Nephrology. He is a licensed physician and nephrologist in the State of Illinois, USA. Professional memberships include American Society of Nephrology, American College of Physicians, European Renal Association, European Dialysis and Transplantation Association.
He brings to the First Medical Center his multi-site expertise in the fields of kidney disease, high blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte problems, care of transplants and kidney stones. His special interest include ambulatory BP monitoring and the medical management of kidney stones. He gives numerous talks, lectures & seminars both in Dubai and internationally and also contributes articles regularly to the newspapers and magazines in UAE.
IDr. Shersad is committed to providing quality medical care in a compassionate, efficient and effective manner. He is guided by the philosphy that “understanding and exceeding the needs of patients is the key to achieving excellence in healthcare”.
Our mission is to provide personalized care and professional relationship with clients and one another. We will continuously develop, strengthen and improve health care services.
We will strive to attain a reputation as a premier healthcare service provider by anticipating and exceeding the wants, needs and expectations of our clients.
Core Values
Quality: We believe in high performance standards and will continuously strive for excellent service, practice and professional standards. We will not compromise on quality.
Commitment: We expect our employees to be committed to their work and our organization. Everyone who joins First Medical Center is part of our team. Our staff is committed to providing the best effort in their work and compassionate service.
Efficiency: We stick to our deadlines and try to ensure that work is done in a timely fashion. Those involved in fiscal decision making processes ensure the long term feasibility of our organization ensuring we attain and provide the highest quality services.
Innovation: We continuously update our knowledge base with new techniques, technology and processes which will enhance our healthcare delivery. Employees will be continuously learning, applying and sharing knowledge making full use of resources available.
Diversity: We incorporate a diverse staff and client body where all cultures are respected including the local rules, laws and traditions.
Integrity: We will demonstrate honesty and ethical behavior when dealing with patients, superiors, and fellow employees.
Communication: We believe in open communication with our clients and will strive to follow up and communicate results of investigations to our clients. We will ensure communications within the organization.
Environment: Here at First Medical Center, we portray a professional, approachable and amiable environment. We encourage teamwork and active participation from all employees and departments.
First Medical Center aims to encompass individuals with purpose and pride in the organization through their personal development and recognition for performance excellence.

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First Medical Center started with a concept – where international standards of healthcare delivery systems are implemented in the Middle East and are accompanied by preeminent professionals to bring about supreme service to the community. At First Medical Center, we believe in providing not just health care but a holistic goodness to our patients in a compassionate and relaxing atmosphere, that’s sure to strike an instant chord with the patients and make them feel at home.

Big Sea Medical


14th Street, Amman Street, Industrail Area 3 Al Qusais, Dubai

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Big Sea Medical was established in 2003 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide a complete solution for our client’s needs by offering high quality medical equipment and providing efficient and cost effective after sales service. We have gained an outstanding reputation in the region by lowering the costs of owning and maintaining medical equipment for our clients. We achieve this by providing world class customer service and superior technical support to all who entrust themselves into our care.
Through our Biomedical Engineering Service Division, Our highly skilled technical department is filled with our own employees who have the experience and capability of repairing all types of medical equipment. This includes Medical Imaging Systems such as MRI, CT, Cardiac CathLab, Nuclear Cardiology, Gamma Camera, Fluoroscopy, Electrophysiology, X-Ray, GI/ECRP, C-ARMS, Portable X-Ray, Mammography, Bone Densitometers, Ultrasound, PACS-CR/DR Digital, Laser & Dry Cameras, Video Endoscopy Systems (all brands) and most General Biomedical Equipment. Through our Parts Division, we keep on hand major imaging parts for our clients while also maintaining good records for our clients that we perform 3rd party service.
Our goal is simple; to be the number one service company in the regions we cover. To obtain this, we have a large stock of parts in our warehouse supported by a sophisticated supply chain that spans the globe.
Through our New Medical Equipment Division, we represent various U.S. and European Manufacturers providing our clients with new technology, thus advancing healthcare in the markets we serve. In many cases, our clients may not have the fiscal budget necessary to obtain the latest technology. Therefore, through our Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Division, we carry a large stock of pre-owned equipment right here in Dubai. Taking advantage of our highly skilled technical staff on hand, we bring this equipment back up to the original equipment manufacturers specification using ONLY OEM parts. In this way for those customers with limited budget we still provide a solution to have today’s technology at yesterday’s prices. We offer a full one year unconditional warranty on all the pre-owned equipment along with 5 years after sales service.

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Big Sea Medical General Trading company offers new and used medical equipment ts to its clients all across the globe.

MEDITECH Medical Supplies


, Dubai

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Meditech Medical Supplies was formed in 1996, Headquartered in Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Over the years, Meditech grew into a major healthcare provider for the medical market in the United Arab Emirates. In 1998, Meditech expanded its operations covering other markets such as Iraq, Libya & Sudan. This significant development has greatly and positively reflected on Meditech’s growth and contributed to a larger, stronger sales presence, knowhow and potential. The company still seeks to further expand its sales networks for other countries in the Middle East, utilizing its existing infra-structure to provide for such expansion.
Meditech’s Aim is to provide for the Healthcare needs and services of the UAE, Libya, Iraq & Sudan by supplying quality products and services through a team of qualified, dedicated, customer oriented healthcare professionals.
Meditech Medical Supplies objective is to constantly be involved in some of the most growing and challenging technological aspects in the Medical and Healthcare industry. The company recognizes the requirement to operate with innovation, vision, commitment and excellence providing leading-edge technologies and better services to its customers.

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Meditech Medical Supplies was formed in 1996, Headquartered in Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Over the years, Meditech grew into a major healthcare provider for the medical market in the United Arab Emirates. In 1998, Meditech expanded its operations covering other markets such as Iraq, Libya & Sudan. This significant development has greatly and positively reflected on Meditech’s growth and contributed to a larger, stronger sales presence, knowhow and potential. The company still seeks to further expand its sales networks for other countries in the Middle East, utilizing its existing infra-structure to provide for such expansion.