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Ministry of Social Affairs


, Dubai

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To ensure social rights and to activate community inclusion. To support the central role of family in social cohesion and enable it to perform their role. To enhance intergration with local governments and improve the wuality of social services. To uphold the concept of social responsibility and effective partnership with the local and private sector. And to promote performance in order to realize the concept of educated organizations, and raise the level of satisfaction.

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The First Objective: To ensure social rights and to activate community inclusion.
The Second Objective: To support the central role of family in social cohesion and enable it to perform their role.
The Third Objective: To enhance integration with local governments and improve the quality of social services.
The Fourth Objective: To uphold the concept of social responsibility and enhance effective partnership with the local and private sector.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


, Dubai

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Since its foundation on December 2nd, 1971, the United Arab Emirates has adopted the principles of peace, mutual respect and good neighborliness, as key guidelines of the country’s foreign policy established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Building on the heritage of the UAE founding father, the wise visionary leadership of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE continues the march actively contributing to the welfare of nations regardless of color, race or ethnicity – a trait that stems from profound Islamic belief of peace and tolerance.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) represents the foundations of the UAE Society and serves as its window to the outer world, communicating the thoughts and vision of the UAE leadership, asserting the values of human brotherhood, and calling for lifting the suffering of humans. The Ministry promotes the importance of attaining global peace and amicably resolving disputes through dialogue.
Through its embassies, directorates and diplomatic missions around the world, as well as ambassadors, representatives and diplomats, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is perceived as the link between the wise leadership of the UAE and the World as a whole. The Ministry strives to enhance friendship and collaboration with other countries on political, economic or cultural levels by adopting principles set by the leadership that aim at protecting people and widening their intellectual and cultural horizons as well as developing the human civilization concepts and supporting pillars of economic and cultural development and the foundations of peace in the world – efforts that have earned the UAE citizen wide respect everywhere in the world, and enhanced the image of the UAE on the regional and international arenas.
The Ministry undertakes several responsibilities as stipulated by the constitution of the UAE and federal laws and in line with the country’s principles. As per to the Cabinet resolution No. 6 of (2001) on the organizational structure, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandated with several tasks and specializations that comprise
1. Settings the country’s foreign policy, supervising the execution thereof, and coordinating with other competent authorities in the country.
2. The Ministry also undertakes the supervision of all foreign relations, including: organizing the country’s participation in organizations, conferences, and exhibitions.
3. Protecting the interests of the country and its citizens abroad.
4. Entering pacts and conventions that the country is willing to seal.
5. Gathering, analyzing and evaluating political and economic information, organizing communications between the country’s ministries and related departments and between agencies and governments.

6. Highlighting the image of the country and its values and policy.

7. Conducting all ceremonies and formalities for missions that represent the country.
8. Issuance and renewal of diplomatic and special passports for citizens, issuance and renewal of ordinary passports for citizens abroad.
9. Providing visas to enter the country or for transit on ordinary or diplomatic passports.
10. Preparing and providing diplomatic, consulate, administrative and financial information to enable the country’s representative missions to conduct their tasks, and supervising all the countries diplomatic and consulate missions.
The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed three Emirati women as ambassadors in Sweden, Spain and Montenegro, asserting that women represent an integral part of the UAE society, whose efforts contribute, along with their fellow Emirati men, towards catalyzing the sustainable development the UAE is witnessing.
The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, laid the cornerstones of the country’s foreign policy. “The Foreign policy of the UAE aims at supporting Arab and Islamic issues and interests and strengthening the friendship and collaboration ties with all other countries, based on the UN convention and the internationally recognized morals and ethics. Our young country has achieved tremendous success on the international level, and its noble principles have earned prominent regional and international recognition. Our policy is based upon the principles of Rights, Justice and Peace, driven by our faith that peace is an urgent need for the human race.

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To realize the interests of UAE and its citizens through a distinct foreign policy that promotes stability, security, and development
Advance the strategic, economic and political interests of the UAE through effective diplomacy and provide excellence in consular assistance and protection for our Citizens abroad.

Ministry of Economy


, Dubai

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The Ministry of Economy is committed to providing effective channels for its customers to enhance transparency and raise the level of services. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the strategies, plans and polices that are being implemented to drive the growth of our economy.
To achieve this, the Ministry has launched a new website powered by the latest technologies and advanced communication tools. We are confident that the new website will further promote dialogue and interaction between and amongst all our stakeholders.
It will also strengthen the pillars of our knowledge economy and boost a culture of creativity and innovation. The initiative is also a perfect fit to the UAE Vision 2021, the Federal Government Strategy 2011 to 2013 and the Strategy of the Ministry in building a competitive knowledge economy supported by Emiratis.
The Ministry of Economy is working to develop policies and economic legislation in accordance with global best practices to build a competitive knowledge economy and to develop the industrial sector with an emphasis on small and medium enterprises.
The small and medium enterprises can play a strong role in driving our economy. We are in the process of finalizing new legislation that will encourage the growth of SMEs through innovation and creativity, and in turn benefit our young entrepreneurs. We are committed to develop UAE national entrepreneurship and to raise the efficiency of corporate performance. We strive to enhance the capacity of UAE nationals and increase the attractiveness of UAE as a destination for foreign investment.
Alongside, we are working to promote UAE exports, strengthen consumer protection and ensure that intellectual property rights are honoured.
In all this, we draw on the power of technology, integrating the latest technologies wherever applicable. The UAE is one of the best networked countries in the world and has a high rate of internet penetration. It is only natural then that we draw on this huge infrastructure to reach out faster and more efficiently to our customer base.
We have succeeded in automating 90% of our services and launched several projects and electronic services that support the UAE’s efforts in building a knowledge economy including the “Made in UAE” portal, an electronic system for goods monitoring and the issuance of electronic certificates of origin.
We believe that building a knowledge-based economy and strengthening our competitiveness require three thrust areas, as envisaged by the UAE Vision 2021.
· -The first is to promote the participation of national manpower by linking education with the market needs in high value sectors
· – The second is to develop a regulatory framework to support key economic sectors and to encourage emerging sectors by modernizing the legislative framework governing the economic activities. To achieve this, the Ministry of Economy is currently developing policies and legislation in line with the best international standards and the principles of a competitive knowledge-based economy.
· -Thirdly, we must promote the policy of scientific research – both research for knowledge and applied research – in line with our economic priorities and contribute to the development of a core group of committed UAE national researchers.
The United Arab Emirates under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai is committed to provide all support to drive the growth of the economy and to achieve well being and prosperity of the people of the UAE.
We are confident that through innovative initiatives we can achieve the vision of our leaders.

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The ministry objective is to develop new legislation in the economic field. Legislate and update economic laws and initiate awareness among various sectors of society. Also to enhance the judicial capabilities to ensure monitoring and enforcement.

Ministry of Public Works


, Dubai

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Establishment of Ministry of Public Works and Housing
In accordance with Federal act No. (1) issued in 1972, Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Housing and Town Planning have been established. Ministry of Public Works was inaugurated on April 1st 1972 after receiving tasks that were previously conducted by the Bureau of Development. The ministry was tasked to execute headquarters building projects for all ministries, as well as road and ports works.
The Ministry of Housing and Town Planning role is to prepare housing and town planning studies and projects, develop the terms and specifications of federal housing projects, award tenders, sign contracts with contractors and consultants, supervise the execution, handing over of allocated amounts of payments and coordinate with and give technical advice to UAE local administrations.
Merging Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Housing & Town Planning
The Federal Decree No. (1) for 1977 called for the establishment of the UAE Council of Ministers under the presidency of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum. The Decree called for the nomination of Public Works and Housing Minister.
With work development and tremendous increase in projects being executed, the organizational body of the ministries was restructured to cope with work requirements. A number of ministerial decisions were made on internal organization and distribution of specialties in a manner to achieve the ministry objectives, and enable it to exercise its tasks and responsibilities stated by the Federal Codes and Regulations derived from the constitution.

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International pioneering and excellence in constructing the federal infrastructure and new cities for a country that is second to none.
The effective contribution to achieve balanced sustainable development and provision of high quality of life for the people of UAE through outstanding corporate performance in the organizing, planning, construction and maintenance of infrastructure and federal housing projects in the cities and towns of the UAE.

Federation of Chambers and Commerce UAE


Mohammed Bin Rashid Bldg., Cairo Street near Century Mall Al Mamzar, Dubai

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The Federation of U.A.E Chambers of commerce and industry was established in compliance with the federal law no. (5) of 1976 ratified by law No. (22) Of 2000 issued by the President His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God protect him, as a major step on the way to have complete federal establishments. The federation aims at being the comprehensive framework that would include under its umbrella businessmen through the chambers of commerce and industry on the basis of one chamber for each emirate of the union.

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The private sector in the UAE is an exceptional sector. It is represented by the FCCI which encourages private sector to venture into all activities and functions related to economic development which is one of the continuous objectives of the country particularly as related to investments in marketing and industrialization. To achieve this goal, the FCCI offered its services to support the private sector through a group of programs that includes research studies, service and guidance.

Ministry of Education


, Dubai

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Pioneering in Student preparation in K-12 education system for a productive life in a dynamic world to ensure sustainable development for the UAE society.
Working together to promote the UAE K-12 educational system, investing in human capital to build a knowledge-based society while enriching citizenship values.
1. Citizenship and Responsibilities :
Represented in strengthening national identity and social responsibilities.
2. Principles and Values of Islam:
Reinforce the human values in dialogue, tolerance, moderation, peace and volunteerism.
3. Commitment and Transparency:
Commitment to professionalism and transparency in performance.
4. Contribution and Accountability:
Commitment to partner with the society in the educational system while being accountable for the performance of students.
5. Right to Education For All :
Represented in the equality of opportunities for all the constituents of the society.
6. Quality and Innovation:
Represented in the preparation of a human workforce that effectively contributes in accomplishing the sustainable development while being globally competitive.

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Ensure high quality curriculum is in place so that students are best prepared for the knowledge economy
•Ensure all students receive excellent teaching from all education staff
•Develop primary and secondary educationacross the UAE and minimize drop outs
•Ensure excellentlearning environment and tools,to ensure that students needs are met.

Ministry of Interior


Bur Dubai Deira, Dubai

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The establishment of the UAE on the 2nd of December 1971 has expressed the people’s will to achieve unity, prosperity, and progress as well as endeavor to get strength and dignity. Also the unification of security in the country has come as a real expression of the unity of the UAE territory and people.

The setting of the Ministry of Interior came immediately thereafter as it was considered one of the essential federal authorities where the full integration of police and security systems is still one of its vital and important targets.

At its establishment, at the beginning of the creation of the UAE federation, the Ministry of Interior was led by elite officials like H.H. Sheikh Mubarak bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, the first Minister of Interior; later Hmooda bin Ali became the state Minister for Internal Affairs then the Minister of Interior.

During that period, the Ministry, police and security systems saw substantial developments which helped raise their level and capabilities and provided stability and security in all parts of the country.

In early 1993, H.E staff Lt.General Dr.Mohammed Saeed Al Badi , became Minister of Interior as he was keen to define and implement a lot of principles and values which assisted the Ministry to fulfill its obligations and duties efficiently in all different security fields .

The large-scale development which the UAE witnessed during recent years has lead to the increase of policemen’s duties and responsibilities which require developing all methods and capabilities as well as establishing a modern police system equipped with efficiency and ability to fight crime and provide security , stability and safety for all citizens and residents in the UAE.

The Ministry of Interior which is keen to achieve this noble goal believes that security and stability constitute a necessity for people and constitute a corner stone for achieving progress and development in the country. To fulfill this , the Ministry has adopted a new method based on scientific rules to develop human and material capabilities in order to keep pace with the comprehensive development the UAE enjoys in all fields .

Considered as one of the most important federal establishments in the UAE, the Ministry of Interior plays a prominent and effective role in enhancing security and stability, achieve a secured society and keep security and order and decrease the crime levels as well as participating in achieving justice through adopting law by professional policemen.

Since the establishment of the United Arab Emirates in 1971, the Ministry of Interior has expanded its duties and responsibilities to cover immigration and residence affairs, traffic control as well as providing protection and safety for the installations and properties. In addition, the Ministry has a clear vision to achieve its targets through efforts to develop its security systems to be more effective at the field level, and this vision is based on four factors:

Understanding the needs and necessities of the local society.
Principals and values which govern society.
Renewal and innovation.
Capability and efficiency.

To achieve and activate its vision, Ministry of Interior is equipped with values of Islam and Arab traditions which could be summarized in the following points:

Honesty, integrity and paying interest to the human rights.
Providing all society members with just and equal services.
Treating people with respect and kindness.
Encouraging the spirit of team work.
Endeavour to be excellent in all duties and responsibilities.
The Ministry of Interior has adopted a clear strategy to achieve its targets and to make

Its vision comes true at the field level, and this could be done through the followings:
Exerting all efforts to provide security for all people living in the UAE.
Building confidence among all categories in society.
Improving performance and services quality.
Using resources to provide the best standard of value.
Developing the Ministry’s gifted employees to achieve the profession’s targets.
Enhancing the concepts of honesty, integrity and good manners.
Supplying equipment, systems buildings, installations and technology which help to introduce more effective Services.
The Ministry of Interior has managed within a short time to build its security systems and define responsibilities and specialities which helped to achieve stability and protect society from all kinds of crime.

The Ministry also has adopted a coordinated and an administrative method and in the same time allocated all its available resources to provide its employees with modern knowledge, experience and latest technology in order to be able to keep security and safety in the UAE society through honest implementation of its strategy and vision.

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The Ministry of the Interior in the United Arab Emirates has always been through all the different departments and sectors throughout the country to achieve security and safety of the highest levels, where the crime rate is very low rate of almost non-existent, which in turn is reflected to the hearts of citizens and the state, residents and visitors, sense of security and safety and comfort and confidence is the character in the UAE.
Characterized by the Interior Ministry and departments of

Ministry of Finance


, Dubai

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A global leader in financial resources management for achieving sustainable and balanced development.
Securing the best use of the federal government’s resources and developing it through active financial management and implementing wise financial policies and International Financial Relations.

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In our journey towards our vision strategy and to achieve our mission at all levels, we should restore Ministry of Finance to our common family values, which will remain a first cardinal point of reference and our fundamentals which are:
•Teamwork: Teamwork performance is the main factor of work
•Innovation: Promoting innovation culture to ensure quality and activeness
•Transparency: Work clearly and credibly
•Professionalism: working on professional development and continuing knowledge

Ministry of Energy


27th Street, Near Ramada Hotel, Opposite Canadian Hotel Abu Hail, Dubai

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الرئيسية » نبذة عن الوزارة
نبذة عن الوزارة

صدر المرسوم الاتحادي رقم (51) عام 2004 بالتشكيل الجديد لمجلس الوزراء الموقر، بما في ذلك دمج وزارة البترول والثروة المعدنية ووزارة الكهرباء والماء في وزارة واحدة وتسميتها وزارة الطاقة وفي مارس 2008 صدر قرار مجلس الوزراء رقم (11) بشأن الهيكل التنظيمي لوزارة الطاقة والذي جاء في ملامحه متمشياً مع الأهداف الإستراتيجية للوزارة ومواكباً لمفهوم التغيير.
ولقد راعينا عند صياغة الإستراتيجية أن تكون مبادراتنا للسنوات الثلاث القادمة ( 2011 – 2013 ) متوافقة مع رؤية الوزارة ورسالتها وقيمها، و إلى تحقيق رؤية الإمارات 2021 ، وذلك من خلال إنجاح مساعي حكومة دولة الإمارات في تحقيق استدامة البيئة والبنية التحتية، بالإضافة إلى مواصلة الوزارة تشجيع الابتكار والبحث بما يعزز تنافسية الدولة عن طريق المساهمة في التنمية الاقتصادية من خلال المعرفة بجيولوجية أراضي الدولة ، وبناء قاعدة بيانات للبحوث متعلقة بالنفط والمعادن والكهرباء والمياه، و التركيز على موضوع التكيّف مع والحد من تأثير التغير المناخي والذي يتضح بالالتزام بموقف الدولة ومصالحها في بنود اتفاقية الأمم المتحدة الاطارية بشأن تغير المناخ وبروتوكول كيوتو و مع إصدار تقارير البلاغات الوطنية لدولة الإمارات .
كما أن الوزارة تسعى إلى الاستخدام الكفء للكهرباء والمياه وتنويع مصادرهما بالتنسيق مع الجهات المعنية وذلك لضمان ترشيد استهلاك الطاقة وتشجيع استخدام المصادر البديلة والمتجددة للطاقة وضمان استدامة المياه. و تواصل الوزارة العمل على تطوير وتعزيز مكانة الدولة العالمية المتميّزة من خلال إبراز المركز الإيجابي محلياً وإقليمياً في المجالات كافة بتفعيل دور دولة الإمارات وتمثيلها في المنظمات العالمية والإقليمية المتعلقة بالنفط والثروة المعدنية والمتعلقة أيضا بالكهرباء والمياه.
وأخيرا تسعى إستراتيجية الوزارة إلى ضمان أن يتم إنجاز كافة الأعمال بما يتوافق مع مجموعة من المبادئ التوجيهية للوصول إلى حكومة تركز على المواطن أولاً وتكون مسئولة وفعالة تتسم بالمرونة والإبداع، وتتطلع إلى المستقبل .

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1. Initiative
2. Leadership and excellence
3. Transparency and Accountability
4. Team Spirit

Ministry of Labour


Doha Road Al Qusais, Dubai

Standard work timings

The MoL has dedicated its time and efforts to producing innovative solutions. We have been keen on making the MoL’s portal satisfy all aspirations of customers, aiming at promoting the principle of transparency and flexibility in the mechanism and timing of service delivery. Thus, the customer can get services in a way suiting his/her needs and circumstances.
We confirm our commitment to work with high professionalism, so as to upgrade our services and consolidate the country’s standing as a leader in all fields and on various levels.

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A stable labor market and a productive labor force to enhance a knowledge-based and competitive economy focused on the prosperity of the UAE citizens
Organize the labor market to strengthen the participation of the Emirates in the labor force, realize the protection and flexibility in the labour market, and attract skilled workers through a comprehensive system of policies and regulations, enforcement, institutional partnership and effective service delivery.

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development


near Stadium Metro Station Al Twar, Dubai

Standard work timings

An overview of the Ministry
The Ministry was first established under the name of the Ministry of Information and Culture, according to article (58) of the temporary constitution of the United Arab Emirates, and under the federal decree No (1) issued in 1972, determining the functions of the Ministries and the powers of the Ministers.
In 2006, Decree No (1) was issued, amending some of the terms of federal decree No (1) issued in 1972.
Thereupon, the Ministry of Information and Culture was abolished and was substituted by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, with the following functions:
* The functions of the defunct Ministry of Information and Culture, related to the cultural affairs on the date this decree law became effective.
* The functions assigned to the Ministry of Education, related to youth affairs on the date this decree law became effective.
* undertaking community development, upgrading its services and devising the necessary plans and programs.
Any other functions that may be assigned to it, according to the prevailing laws and the resolutions of Council of Ministers

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The functions of the defunct Ministry of Information and Culture, related to the cultural affairs on the date this decree law became effective.
The functions assigned to the Ministry of Education, related to youth affairs on the date this decree law became effective.
Undertaking community development, upgrading its services and devising the necessary plans and programs.