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Seoul Oasis

(+971) 52-605-3507

Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Seoul Oasis is a brand of Hlfze international trading FZE a public company incorporated in 2010. we are a Supplier/ Distributor of Samyang products as will other top brands like yopokki ( Rice cake ) instant noodles, mineral water, herbal tea JDB, vitamin drinks, etc, also includes health care products, because of its affordable, quality assurance, and integrity, in the United Arab Emirates More than 300,000 Emirati and residents, foreign businessmen enjoy a high reputation. CALUNCA natural mountain spring water has also become CEO Club multi-national feast drinking water. At present, the company’s business is booming, with sales of more than 10 million DHS. By the company to enter the UAE accounted for a local Korean food market (supermarkets, restaurants) for a large proportion, ice tea, green tea, instant noodles also into local hotels, supermarkets, as the only access to the UAE local market Korean beverage. The company’s future goal is to collaborate with more Korean and Canadian brands, to put more food in the United Arab Emirates, to the rest of the world.

Budget City Movers and Packers in Dubai | Dubai Movers and Packers


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Catwalk Cow

, Dubai

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Catwalk Cow was created because of the responsibility we felt towards offering healthier dessert alternatives to today’s consumers.This means desserts that are free of preservatives, artificial fat and sugar substitutes, colorings and other additives. At Catwalk Cow we have spent endless hours of recipe development to be able to offer products that are all natural and additive free making them a great treat for both adults and kids instead of those store and bakery bought desserts. Unlike many store and bakery bought desserts, CATWALK COW mixes do not contain saturated fats and are trans fat free.
We have gone to great lengths to select the finest quality ingredients allowing us to deliver an unparalleled taste experience to our customers. Both our brownies and cupcakes can proudly stand up to taste tests against any other full fat versions. We use premium Belgian cocoa powder, unbleached flour, pure cane sugar and real vanilla pods to ensure a most flavorful finished product that can be freshly baked at home whenever the urge for a delicious treat arises. Healthy, low calorie, low fat, all natural treats?! What more could you ask for?!

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At Catwalk cow we understand that you may not want to share the secret of this dessert goodness with undying fans you’ve graced withe a plateful of our rich and chewy brownies, or our light and fluffy cupcakes, and we understand. So if you want to tell everyone it’s a secret family recipe, be our guest!
In the meantime, be sure to savor without guilt, for dessert just became a shameless pleasure courtesy of Catwalk Cow!

Al Khaleej Sugar


PO Box 14415 Deira, Dubai

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Al Khaleej Sugar – literally meaning The Gulf Sugar – appropriately derives its name from the fact that it is the first sugar refinery in the Arabian Gulf Region.
Based in Jebel Ali, near Dubai, Al Khaleej Sugar has current production capacity of 5,000 tons of refined white sugar per day, employing about 800 personnel. Since the commencement of production in July, 1995 it made remarkable progress to achieve the status of the largest standalone sugar refinery in the world. Plans are afoot to increase the capacity of the refinery to 7,000 tons per day to meet the growing global demand of refined sugar. In 2010, the refinery set another record in terms of highest ever-annual production of refined sugar at 1.4 million tons.

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Our products are regularly exported to over 40 countries, including the regional countries in the Arabian Gulf Region.
Currently, it contributes to about three percent of global annual refined sugar production. Its achievements assume larger significance due to the fact that this sugar refinery operates in a primarily non-agricultural region of the Arabian Gulf, by importing raw sugar from traditional sugar growing areas like Brazil, India, Australia, Thailand etc. To be highly successful based on such a mode of operation also speaks itself of our efficient operation ably supported by excellent logistic facilities of Jebel Ali port and other inherent positive contributing factors of UAE.
Al Khaleej Sugar is a member of several international sugar organizations like
• Sugar Association of London
• Refined Sugar Association of London

Global Export Marketing Co Ltd


PO Box 341127 , Dubai

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Established in the mid 1980’s, Global Export Marketing Co. is an export and marketing organization providing substantial means for increasing sales volume in various markets in the Middle East, Africa, Near East, and the Caribbean, for US manufacturers and international customers.
With headquarters located in New York city, we boast a great reputation for quality, service, reliability and excellent relationships with customers across the globe.
Over the years, our hard work has generated impressive results for both our suppliers and customers, helping them market their products and boost their revenues.

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Our company boasts a balanced and diversified portfolio of US national brands as well as our own FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands. We provide ‘turnkey’ sales & marketing solutions to brand owners in developing their brand franchises in the regions that we operate in.

FSL Food Specialities


MOD 5-11, Road 732, Jebel Ali Free Zone, PO Box 17135 Jebel Ali, Dubai

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FSL is an innovative and reputable sales & marketing company that has been active in the Middle East region for over two decades since 1986.
We market food ingredients, packaged consumer food products and bulk commodities to customers in several countries which includes Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and more recently India. We also provide integrated food supply solutions to the ever growing hospitality industry in the UAE.
FSL has established strong market position and has a track record in understanding and fulfilling the needs of food companies and their requirements. With an edge over the key players, our focus on the food industry helps us to keep watch on the latest trends, tastes and technologies prevalent in the market.
With own offices and warehouse facilities in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and India, we offer our customers in the food manufacturing industry, a comprehensive level of service right from product selection, trials, evaluation and sampling. Our extensive range of ingredients has a flexibility which allows for variations in production processes and raw material requirements resulting in best solutions that our clients seek.
We have built long term partnership with our suppliers and built business relationships by understanding and delivering customer requirements in the Industrial, Wholesale, Retail & HORECA segments.
FSL has the capability to fit individual customer needs having extensive associations globally with international suppliers and processing facilities and able to procure consistently high quality products and solutions.

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We are a one stop shop for all your quality Food Ingredients requirements in bakery, beverage, confectionary, dairy and meat industry. We also have a vast experience and network with commodity suppliers across the globe for various commodities and private label products.

PIFCO Pal International Food Stuff Co. LLC


P O Box 14843 Al Rashidiya, Dubai

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Pal International Foodstuff LLC, are a company involved in the import and distribution of all kinds of frozen meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Our distribution network covers the whole of the U.A.E. and our clientele includes leading hotels, restaurants, catering companies, hyper markets and ship chandlers.
Mr. Harjeet Singh Sachar, the Managing Director of the company, has over 3 decades of vast experience and knowledge in the frozen foodstuff industry. In 1994, he founded Pal International Foodstuff with the vision to become one of the regions leading food service supplier.
Over the last 13 years, Pal International has established a name and reputation for supplying quality product to the consumer. As time progresses, we intend to capitalize on our reputation by diversifying into more products as well as other markets. There are many other markets around the U.A.E. that are experiencing phenomenal growth and we are looking into tapping and capturing a significant share of these foreign markets such as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
It is with the above in mind, we completed the construction and commissioning of a 2000 ton cold storage in the Al Quoz Industrial Area in May, 2005. We also set up a seafood processing plant in association with a renowned group from India who have over a century of valuable experience in the seafood trade. In order to achieve higher growth, one needs increased infrastructure and our new cold storage and processing plant has put us in a position to increase our sales and simultaneously our profit and growth rate.
The Pal International Foodstuff Trading Company team consists of serious professionals who strive hard to provide the highest level of service and attain the utmost level of customer satisfaction. We provide flexible services to our customers adapting and evolving as per their requirement to ensure that the food supply is as smooth, prompt and steady as required by them.
By adding new products and adapting to the highly changing and growing market around us, we will be able to provide our clients customized products as per their requirements ensuring a continuous, healthy and lasting business relationship between us.
With the kind of economic growth the Middle Eastern Region is experiencing, we envision many great years ahead in terms of business, growth and profitability.

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Pal, we strive to satisfy our customers and make it a point to provide the best product possible at the most economical price consistently throughout the year.
We are one of the largest importers and distributors of all kinds of frozen foodstuff. We sell certified 100% halal products and our distribution network covers the entire U.A.E.
In order to capitalize from the economic boom in the region, we have ventured into ship chandling, meat and seafood processing and catering services as well.
Established in 1994, our prime focus since point of inception has been to cater to the evolving appetite of the domestic market.



Wholesale Building No.3, P O Box 5188 Al Aweer, Dubai

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We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as experienced distributors and wholesalers of fresh fruits ad vegetables in UAE. Our historical background extends to 1966 when Mr. Mohammad Hasan Al Sharif launched Farzana Trading as distributors and wholesalers of fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the favorable economic conditions in UAE, Farzana trading has expanded tremendously over the years and is now one of main distributors of fruits and vegetables in the whole of UAE. Our objective is to provide such products and services qualitatively, efficiently and satisfactorily. We are surely confident that our business relationship with you will definitely endear you to your targets and bring unto yourselves the desired goals. We cherish quality, cost and efficiency not withstanding. Our sales ad marketing team comprises of energetic and aggressive executives with an inclination on excellence in service delivery and customer satisfaction.
Our Potential
Farzana is in possession of state of art technology coolers located in different parts of UAE which are used to preserve imported products appropriately and effectively. We also boast of owning enough trucks and vehicles with inbuilt cooling system which make timely deliveries to our customers in different parts of UAE. Our capacity is thus sufficient to efficiently service the whole of UAE and beyond. Our services and products are top-of-the form and will occasion immediate impact upon your set targets. With more than 50 chiller trucks and about 300 highly qualified and experienced employees, our customers are assured of high quality services and products from us at reasonable prices.
Our Products
Farzana offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables imported from different countries subject to the availability of the fruits in season which are mainly apples, pears, oranges, lemons, grapes, pineapples, kiwi and many more. The main vegetables include garlic, ginger, carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and many more. We also import a wide range of exotic fruits such as mangostine, rambutan, and dragon fruit.
Our historical background extends to 1966 when Mr. Mohammad Hasan Al Sharif launched Farzana Trading as distributors and wholesalers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Dubai. Due to the favorable economic conditions in UAE, Farzana trading has expanded tremendously over the years and is now one of main distributors of fruits and vegetables in the whole of UAE.

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Farzana trading is a key importer and distributor for fresh fruit and vegetables in UAE market. Mr. Mohamed Hassan Ali Al Sherif, a person with a foresight and business background, established this firm in the year 1966. Along with growth of country, Farzana Trading also stepped forward and achieved the key position in the business. At present this company has become an integral part of fruit and vegetables trading in UAE.

Tri Trading and Distribution LLC


P.O. Box 43061 , Dubai

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Tri Trading & Distribution LLC (TTD) incorporated in United Arab Emirates and Syrian Arab Republic, with experience in foodstuff trading, marketing, and distribution.

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TTD is the main distributor in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine for the full range of products of United Foods Company (P.S.C), United Foods Company is Dubai based company and produces edible oils, ghee and related products, under many famous brands including Aseel, Mumtaz, Safi, Raheeq, Nawar,..etc.

Fresh Express Foodstuff LLC


P O Box 29190 , Dubai

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Fresh Express has a 25+ year heritage as a successful commercial enterprise in the Gulf region. As a result, this diversified corporation has built a reputation synonymous with market leadership.
Fresh Express is committed to becoming the most successful and admired company in the region. We are involved in the following sectors:
Live, Fresh and Frozen Seafood
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Fruits
Delicacy dairy products
Fresh and Frozen poultry and game
Beverage Solutions Syrups
Coffee & Tea
Still and Sparkling water

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The company which I have founded, together with my two sons, Fresh Express – a family business which over the past 25 years has contributed to the development of the fine quality food supply in the Gulf region.

VIP-Planet Trading LLC


France Cluster, Building P-14, Office/Shop No. 18, PO Box 28809 International City, Dubai

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The main activity of our company is import and export of food products from the European Union and distribution in the GCC countries. Searching for unique food products in terms of quality and taste and hitherto unknown in the GCC markets, products other than those which on a daily basis which we can buy in stores. We import only products which in addition to its flavor, have all the required certificates in the GCC countries. Imported products from verified and reliable manufacturers which are certified Halal, ISO and HACCP.

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We are preparing to enter the GCC market with our own special food products that are produced in Europe by our formulas and rules according to our religion.
We also have a special offer of “Private Label” for hotels and businesses. We offer production of beverage advertising on commission – a source of water and minerals. Pure mineral water from deep wells mountain.

AALMIR – Aal Mir Trading Company LLC


P O Box 7851 Dubai Investment Park, Dubai

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Aal Mir Trading Company LLC has been an established part of the Dubai commercial landscape since 1980. This highly successful company was set up by dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Mir Motalleb Vakhshouri in partnership with Mr. Mohd. Hassan Baba Hassan.
The company commenced its operation focusing the confectionery segment. Gradually as the market was shifting from wholesale concept to the modern trade and distribution, the company adapted to the change and began importing different lines of food and non-food items into Dubai.
Today, Aal Mir is proud to supply an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands and of being a leading full-fledged distribution, logistics and marketing company covering every corner of the market.

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Aal Mir is one of the leading and most reputable distribution, logistics and marketing companies in the Middle Aal Mir Trading Company LLC has been an established part of the Dubai commercial landscape since 1980.

Federal Foods


Al Qusais Al Qusais, Dubai

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We are one of the top distributors in the FMCG sector in UAE representing world renowned brands for a variety of frozen, chilled, dry food and non-food products.

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Federal Foods is one of the leading Food Products marketing and distribution company in the UAE & Qatar catering to the full spectrum of the trade sectors. With an ever growing customer and consumer base. Federal Foods LLC offers a wide range of products from world’s best brands sourced from across the globe with its network of reputed suppliers. Operates 6 branches in UAE and 1 in Qatar with over 1250 employees and a logistics fleet of 260 plus temperature controlled vans and trucks. Federal Foods LLC is ranked one of the largest food distribution companies in the region.

OBELISK International Food Stuff


P O Box 20687 Dubai Investment Park, Dubai

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Product Mission:
To sell the finest quality products with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment.

Economic Mission:
To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing & expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.

Social Mission:
To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally & internationally. Central To Our Mission At Obelisk International is the belief that all three parts must thrive equally in a manner that commands deep respect for individuals in and outside the company and supports the communities of which they are a part.
Our Vision:
Eat Better and Live Better!
Our vision captures the essence of who we are and what we eat. Everything we do flows from our vision. Our vision is about meeting consumers’ needs and making food easier and more enjoyable.
It captures the importance of health and wellness, but it also embodies all the ways we can eat and live better, with the safety and value of our products and the services and solutions we provide.

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We are headquartered in Dubai, popularly known as “Pearl City” of United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf. Since inception, we are growing in numbers with products and we have been keen on developing relationship with customers and partners in every geographical location, particularly Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. Locally we have very modern and temperature controlled ware housing facilities of our own and a solid distribution network to ensure uninterrupted supplies to all channels of food trade. We always value our customer needs and ensure that professional touch is felt from selecting and procuring the raw material to processing the product hygienically as par with highest International Standard requirement.
With highly experienced team of professionals and a vision to be known globally as Healthy Food Products suppliers, who believe quality should surpass quantity in any successful meaningful business.

Seascape International General Trading


P O Box 118174 , Dubai

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Seascape International General Trading LLC is a specialist Food Service supplier to the Arabian Gulf. We offer a wide choice of superior produce for Chefs and food professionals alike.
We source premium products from the best suppliers around the world and provide these to our customers: high end hotels, resorts, restaurants, premium hypermarkets and in-flight caterers.
Seascape prides itself on its ability to:
• Exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers
• Ensure reliability and efficiency of supply
• Provide unique professional culinary advice
• Provide exceptional customer service

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Our mission is to be the leader in sourcing and supplying the very best of Fine Foods for Chefs and Food Professionals in the Arabian Gulf.

SAEED AL HASSANI (General Trading LLC)


P.O. Box: 30319 United Arab Emirates , Dubai

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The Great Name You Can Trust In!
Our Saeed Al Hassani General trading L.L.C is been here in Dubai for the last 20years and we have a done a good ground work with our contacts in uae as well as Middle East
Mrs. Rekha Talwar (Director) has been running the business alone u can say one woman show and has created a very reputed and well established name in the trading business been here in Dubai for the last 20 years and having good contacts she has created a name which people trust and are happy in doing business for a long term her business references and contacts have grown remarkably and strong day by day.
Our branch office in oman is mainly for minerals like magnesem and chrome. We have already opened our office in Oman as we see the future prospect very good as Oman market is good for trading business. Trying to spread our business in middeleast with opening branches of this company. Our very strong connections are also in Middle East, India, China and USA.
Company Vision
The success of a company comes from a clear vision. A result of decisions, plans, communications and actions undertaken with a distinct and powerful picture of our preferred future in mind.
And our vision is to be a value-creating company.
We believe that it is only by creating value for our employees, our customers and our shareholders, that we can become a leading food products organisation in the Middle East . Vision serves as the beacon by which we align our actions – as a business or as individuals.
Critical Success Factors
Attract, develop, motivate and retain quality employees
Appreciate and satisfy customers’ expectations
Enhance R&D practices in support of marketing efforts
Increase efficiency by integrating Economic Value Management(EVM) into business systems
Our Critical Success Factors help us to understand our current situation and the actions we need to take to become a leading food products organisation.
Speed, Urgency and determination
Passion and Intensity
Individual Effectiveness
Acceptance of Consequences
Creativity and Innovation
Team Power
Encouraging Personal Growth
Customer Focus
Continuous Improvement

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We are importer and exporter of sugar/rice mainly from Brazil and India.
Exporter & Importer For FoodStuff (Rice / Sugar / Wheat Flour / Milk Powder / Lentils) etc Trading office in Dubai working with GCC countries / Africa / India Our own Rice Basmati Biryani Long Grain Brand Name A1 (40kgs)

MAM Foodco


Business Central Towers, Tower B, Office 1901, PO Box 33126 Dubai Media City, Dubai

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MAM Foodco is a privately owned food company based in Dubai, UAE. MAM Foodco was established to offer GCC consumers a holistic approach to their evolving needs. MAM Foodco’s three divisions – Franchising, Manufacturing, and Distribution – innovatively cater to identified opportunities in the GCC.

By consistently setting higher standards than our competitors in the food and beverage industry [manufacturing, distribution & chained store operations], we will be recognized as a regional leader in providing a memorable, high quality, “better-for-me” food & beverage experience.
“Meals And so much More”

We consistently exceed consumer expectations in terms of the quality of our products and the services we provide, by hiring the right people, motivating and training them to the highest standard, and combining the latest technology and management systems, with old fashioned values and more traditional cooking styles, in delivering nothing less than a memorable food and beverage experience..

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MAM Foodco’s retail professionals are down-to-earth, and full of energy for what they’re most passionate about – Food ! As a small team of confident and realistic individuals, they are able to make timely decisions to suit any brand and operational environment, so as to meet the evolving needs of consumers in a diverse regional market.

Ninja FoodStuff LLC


, Dubai

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Ninja FoodStuff LLC has two principal businesses. We are a well known name in the field of Spices, Dry Fruits, Sugar and Pulses, as well as a reputed distributor for packaged food for Indian and Filipino consumers.

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Established in March 2003 ten years ago and presently a well-known name in the field of Spices, Dry Fruits, Sugar and Pulses in the United Arab Emirates. We supply all kinds of high quality products with our own Brand name “NINJA GOLD” which was developed around one year back. Due to our hard efforts and maintained constant quality, this has become the most popular brand in all the CIS countries as well as we got a very good response from other countries. We import our products from all over the world and export to markets such as the Middle East, Africa & Asia. We are exclusive re-export agent for “Parle” biscuits and confectionery, renowned brand of India.
Our Objective is to be a reliable supplier in the sourcing of spices, dry fruits, sugar and pulses, offering our clients the best products, assuring quality at competitive prices.
Our Vision is to develop a loyal relationship with our consumers, encouraging respect and commitment with our clients…

Argento LLC


Al Sufouh Road, PO Box 73275 Al Sufouh, Dubai

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ARGENTO is a general trading company with headquarters in dubai, UAE managed by Italian entrepreneurs with a common passion for distinguished and high quality Italian products. We specialized in gift items, jewellery handcrafted in gold, silver with precious and semiprecious stones and Murano glass.
A new division recently opened under trade name ItalianFoodMasters to import frozen quality food products from Italy such as desserts, puffy pastries, ice creams, pizzas, etc for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

House of Chemicals


Free Zone Area , Dubai

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House of Chemicals is a leading Distributor of specialty and commodity chemicals. We have been in business for over 25 years; thanks to our loyal customers, reliable suppliers and dedicated company employees.
Our Vision is to build a high performance work force that settles for nothing but the best in work ethic and business processes. Integrity, Reliability and Efficiency, amongst others, are keynotes for employees in imperative positions. This outlook is what guarantees superior product quality, customer service, and value for our stakeholders.
We will continue to demonstrate finesse in business by treating our customers, suppliers and colleagues with the utmost respect.
Our Mission as a company is to retain market leadership in our field, and to direct all our energies towards this goal.
Driven by innovative & collaborative business processes, our organization strives for excellence in business ethics, from striking a long lasting relationship to closing a deal and finally delivering our product, through:
Highly motivated employees
A values-based organization
Surpassing customers’ needs and earning their admiration
Expanding our use of our core technologies along with
Updating ourselves with latest technology, to acquire new market segments through innovative supplies and services
Our Chairman, as a young technocrat, saw a dream to establish a strong inventory based supply chain with the aim of providing the best services in supply while maintaining an optimum standard of quality. The objective remains to strive for excellence in all our endeavors and be acknowledged as an exceptional worldwide leader in the supply of chemicals along with the best HSE performance.
We supply a wide range of Chemicals from Specialty to Commodity Chemicals for the following Industries in the Middle East :
Alkyd & Polyester Resin
Animal Feed
Bakery & Dairy
Beverage & Soft Drinks
Building Materials
Ceramics & Glass
Chocolates and Confectioneries
Cleaning & Maintenance
Closed Loop recirculating cooling systems (Chillers)
Cosmetics & Perfumeries
Desalination & Sea Water Treatment
Edible oils
Effluent & Sewage Treatment
Fibre Glass
Foam & Polyurethane
Galvanizing & Electroplating
Hydraulic fluid, Lubricants & Refrigerant gases
Laboratory Chemicals
Leather, Paper, Shoe & Textiles
Meat & Poultry Processing
Metals & Surface Treatment
Mining & Minerals
Mud Drilling
Open Re-circulating Cooling System (Cooling Towers)
Packaging (Food and many more)
Paint & Coating
Pharmaceuticals (Formulation & Synthetics)
Plastics & Rubber
Polyolefin Industry
Potable & Domestic Water Pipe Works
Printing Ink
Refineries & Gas Plants
Reverse Osmosis Plants
Soap & Detergent
Steam & Hot Water Boilers
Swimming Pool Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Water proofing & Insulation

Dubai – 04 2855150
Abu Dhabi – 02 4457644
Qatar – +9744366614

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House of Chemicals is a leading Distributor of specialty and commodity chemicals. We have been in business for over 25 years; thanks to our loyal customers, reliable suppliers and dedicated company employees.