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Higher Education UAE

1209, Goldcrest Executive, Cluster C, Jumeriah Lake Towers

09:00 - 18:00 Sun - Thu

In the year of 2015 Highereducation.ae was established along with mission to promoting UAE as the emerging destination for higher education, attracting students and higher education institutes from across the world. HigherEducation is the best and leading educational online portal which mainly focuses on promoting Universities, Colleges and Education for international students those want to admission in UAE high ranking universities. In our educational online portal, students will be able to easily compare countless universities, colleges and choose one according to their academic background and interest.

Recently, UAE has emerged as a destination for higher education for international students and countless universities and colleges have independent and/or branch campuses across the UAE. Our company mission is to connect students, academia, and professionals from across the globe to higher education institutes of the UAE and we share a huge part in the development of the education industry in the UAE and aim to accelerate the number of international student and helping to choose UAE as a preferred destination for their higher education.

UAE is a good choice to those students who pursue their higher education in UAE and it also has a wide variety of universities, colleges and courses where they will be able to get high quality education; moreover, UAE also supports for international higher education in three areas: Openness of higher education systems, access and sustainability and quality assurance and recognition of international qualifications. Studying and residing in the UAE will have various benefits such as sun, sea, sand potential tax-free earnings after completing graduation degree.

ILLIMITE Migration

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Level 29 Marina Plaza Dubai Marina Dubai, UAE P.O.Box 29805

Making your dream of successful migration true ILLIMITE Migration is a leading migration solution firm in Dubai, UAE, that provides excellent solutions to their clients in achieving a consistent and trouble-free immigration or citizenship process. Absolute commitment and perfection are what makes ILLIMITE Migration stand out from the crowd. We proffer our clients in getting Canadian Immigration, Australian Immigration, Citizenship/Passport by Investment, Residency by Investment, Visit/Business/Investor Visas.



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Synkers is a peer-to-peer educational platform that connects students to highly qualified tutors on the spot!

Results matter – and we know it.

Whatever you want to learn, you’ll find it on Synkers app! With over 700 qualified tutors on board, you can find and book your own private instructor for any school subject, university course, your upcoming SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, IELTS, TOEFL, AIEEE, JEE, CLAT, CAT and NEET tests. You can also find experts to help you master Excel, AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Photoshop, as well as writing the perfect CV, improving your public speaking skills, preparing for business interviews, and much more.


Convenient. Seamless. Secure.

Focus on learning, and we’ll manage the logistics. Our in-app features are designed to help you quickly spot the perfect tutors, coordinate with them, and even pay them online. Our built-in rating system lets you read what other students have to say about each and every tutor. Once you’ve chosen a tutor, seamlessly communicate with them through our in-app messenger. And after the session is complete, leave your own review and pay your tutor – either in cash or via our secure online payment system.


Website: http://www.synkers.com/

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.synkers.synkers

Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/lb/app/synkers/id1100731633?mt=8

Dubai Pharmacy College


Al Mizhar Road Al Muhaisnah, Dubai

Standard work timings

The great visionary and philanthropist Hajj Saeed Bin Ahmad Al-Lootah founded Dubai Pharmacy College in September 1992. It was created under the umbrella of Dubai Institute of Environmental Research, with the goal of establishing itself as a state-of-art institute in Pharmaceutical education & research in areas of significance to the broader drug industries.

تاريخ كلية دبي للصيدلة

تم تأسيس كلية دبي للصيدلة في عام 1992، وهي أول مؤسسة تعليمية للصيدلة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة، وتم تأسيسها كمكمل لكلية دبي الطبية من خلال تدريب صيادلة مؤهلين لتلبية الحاجة المتزايدة لأخصائيي الرعاية الصحية.
وفي عام 1993 وتحت إشراف الدكتور ميرزا بيج والدكتور سعيد أحمد خان، تم تسجيل 16 فتاة وكانت هذه البداية فقط لرحلتنا الطويلة نحو التفوق والتطور المستمر.
ومنحت طالباتنا الفرصة للمشاركة في برامج تدريب الاختصاص في مستشفيات حكومة دبي وشركة جلفار للصناعات الدوائية في عام 1995. وكانت ثمرة هذا التعاون منهج تعليمي مطوَّر وتدريب أفضل وفي الثاني والعشرين من سبتمبر عام 1998، تم الاعتراف بكلية دبي للصيدلة من قبل الوزارة (وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي). وقد رخص هذا المرسوم للكلية منح خريجيها درجة البكالوريوس في الصيدلة. وعليه، وبموجب هذا المرسوم، فقد حققت كلية دبي للصيدلة وضعيتها الجامعية.
واستمرت الكلية في تطوير طرقها التعليمية من خلال تقديم مقررات متقدمة في علم العقاقير والتقنيات الصيدلانية وتقنيات المعدات والأجهزة وطرق الاختبار السريري والطب البديل والمكمل والصيدلية السريرية. وقد تم إضافة دروس اللغة الإنكليزية حسب منهاج IELTS أوTOEFL إلى المنهج الدراسي وتم إنشاء مجلة حوارات للتوعية والمعرفة (JAF) لتشجيع عروض الندوات البحثية الدورية لطلاب السنة الأولى والثانية والثالثة. وفي عام 2004، فازت كلية دبي للصيدلة بجائزة برنامج دبي لتقدير الجودة.
ولاتزال كلية دبي للصيدلة تقوم على تطوير منهجها الدراسي وتجديد مرافقها باستمرار. حيث تم إضافة مختبرات حاسوب متطورة تعمل على توفير أحدث خدمات تكنولوجيا المعلومات ومجلة صيدلانية تابعة للجامعة من أجل زيادة تحفيز الطالبات.
ويلعب اليوم خريجوا كلية دبي للصيدلة دورا مهما كرابط حيوي بين المرضى والأطباء وكعلماء يؤثرون على تطوير علم العقاقير. ويوجد طلب كبير على طلابنا ويتم توظيفهم من قبل أشهر شركات العقاقير مثل شركة لايف جروب و بووتس.

More Details

Dubai Pharmacy College is committed to providing an accredited Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm) that incorporates the best professional practice experience and a learning environment, both inside, and outside the classroom that fosters Islamic values while promoting high levels of student achievement, consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence.

Dubai Medical College


Al Mizhar Al Muhaisnah, Dubai

Standard work timings

The College has drawn its goals from the general purpose behind the Creator’s creation of man, which is no other than serving Him alone. Says the Qur’an:
I did not create the genie and the man except that they should worship only Me. (51:56)
From this general principle, branches off other subsidiary goals that control the entire range of man’s actions whether they are in relation to God or other men or animals or vegetables or inanimate objects. Islamic Shariah, thus, has rules of guidance that cover all movements of man in the universe for the achievement of definite goals. Man’s endeavor to realize the general and particular goals formulated by Islam is sure to lead him to human perfection, to spiritual sublimity and material advancement. This is what has been proved by facts and confirmed by reason and the Shariah of Islam. Guided by the above mentioned goals of the Islamic Shariah, the founding fathers of the College have made a firm determination to inculcate the true educational and scientific spirit among those who avow their adherence to it, in keeping with the following objectives:
1.Awareness of the true meaning of servitude to Allah.
2.Acquiring knowledge of Medicine and Surgery to such an extent that the graduate may pursue the medical profession with ability and distinction.
3.Shortening the study period through intensive teaching, lengthening the working hours and avoiding wastage of time by curtailing the holidays during the academic year.
4.Modernizing the methods of teaching so as to realize the objective of self-learning and positivism on the part of the learner.
5.Singularity of the curriculum by making it, as far as possible, three-dimensional: a dimension for pure knowledge, a dimension for practice and training, and a dimension for application.
6.Producing singularly proficient lady doctors of high academic excellence, capable of shouldering responsibilities on obtaining the degree of MBBS.
7.Producing lady doctors possessed of Islamic morals and manners as well as a deep knowledge of Islamic tenets particular to women and those relating to medical profession; doctors that are aware of the relations between a physician and a patient as well as between one physician and another.
8.Producing qualified Muslim lady doctors for the treatment of women patients in the fast developing society of the U.A.E, which is in real need of women doctors.
9.Affording the girls of the U.A.E an opportunity to study medicine inside the country without fear of Westernization or exposure to societies following different faiths, habits and traditions.
10.Giving a chance to expatriate girl students to study medicine in the U.A.E.
11.Avoiding the system of co-education. That is why admission to the College is limited to girl students only.
12.Working towards Arabization of medical studies.

More Details

Dubai Medical College (DMCG) is committed to provide students with medical education to obtain an accredited degree of Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery in the U.A.E. DMCG will achieve its mission by providing a learning environment, both inside, and outside the classroom that fosters Islamic values and promotes high levels of student achievement, consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence.

UAE Academy


9th St., Al Bateen Area , Dubai

Standard work timings

A subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the UAE Academy is an independently operated Center of Excellence. Through established relationships in the business community, a direct understanding of the current business challenges facing the UAE and a unique spectrum of educational and corporate learning programs, we empower the next generation of Emiratis to take their rightful place in an exciting work environment.

Working with both the public and private sectors, we equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in a knowledge economy. As the United Arab Emirates grows from strength to strength, it is vital that the local workforce is fully integrated into the country’s working ethos. This is an ideal the Academy is confident of achieving. Aligning with the Economic Vision 2030, the UAE Academy established its 4 business units to continuously provide the pillar and support toward promoting and achieving the government’s initiatives.

To be globally recognized for excellence in human resource development

To redefine excellence of human resource development, and contribute effectively to the “Emiratization” of the country’s labor force

More Details

UAE Academy offer programs in various areas and internationally accredited certificates in Professional Development. These courses are designed to meet the standards of excellence demanded by examining bodies of international repute. Our whole curriculum is designed to maintain a high quality course structure.

Syscoms College


Airport Road opposite Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce , Dubai

Standard work timings

Syscoms College (SC) offers Associate of Science degree programs that will give students a strong foundation in general education and preparation in an area of concentrated study. After completion, students can apply their courses towards a four-year degree program or pursue immediate employment at entry-level positions. The degree will show prospective employers that you are motivated to achieve a goal and that you possess a core of general knowledge necessary to operate effectively in the modern workplace.
Syscoms College will be a premier, licensed and accredited two-year institution of higher education which is recognized, respected, and valued in the region for its accessibility and affordability to high quality transfer and career-oriented educational programs and services.
SC is a private, two-year college offering high quality Associate Degree programs that are accessible, convenient and affordable for students of different cohort groups. The associate degree programs build on a sound sequence of coursework in general education and also offer students the opportunity to customize their studies according to their personal interests and needs. A central educational goal of SC is to prepare students for either transfer to a four-year degree program or to the entry level jobs in chosen areas and to develop special skills in English language and career-oriented technical areas.

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Syscoms College (SC) offers Associate of Science degree programs that will give students a strong foundation in general education and preparation in an area of concentrated study. After completion, students can apply their courses towards a four-year degree program or pursue immediate employment at entry-level positions. The degree will show prospective employers that you are motivated to achieve a goal and that you possess a core of general knowledge necessary to operate effectively in the modern workplace.

Emirates Aviation College


Al Garhoud, Dubai

Standard work timings

Emirates Aviation College (EAC) was established in 1991 by the Department of Civil Aviation, initially to provide aviation related training to private students and corporate clients. The College has since expanded and diversified and now offers an extensive range of educational opportunities designed to provide students with the best aviation related specialisations that service both the technical and management sides of the aviation industry. In September 2001, the college was merged with Emirates to form the ‘academic wing’ of the Emirates Group.
These Postgraduate and under graduate programmes are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The College has a wide range of experienced faculty members in both academic education and industry to blend the real world into a learning situation and give purpose and meaning to the programme content. In addition, the staff of EAC is highly experienced in working with a diverse student population.

More Details

• To serve the multifaceted aviation educational needs of students from the UAE as well as the greater Middle Eastern and subcontinent regions.
• To offer outstanding educational programmes that allow students to develop their creative, analytical, communication and critical thinking skills in a collaborative, nurturing environment that promotes lifelong learning and contributes to success in their professional careers.
• To value and support academic and applied research amongst its faculty both in their disciplines and in the appropriate pedagogy necessary to be effective teachers and to serve the aviation industry.

Heriot Watt University


Dubai International Academic City , Dubai

Standard work timings

Heriot-Watt University is an early pioneer of equal opportunities: we welcomed women as early as 1869, 20 years ahead of other institutions.With a history dating back to 1821, Heriot-Watt University has established a reputation for world-class teaching and practical, leading-edge research, which has made us one of the top UK universities for business and industry.
We’re a vibrant, forward-looking university, well known for the quality of our degrees with employers actively seeking out our graduates.
Heriot-Watt is also Scotland’s most international university with an unsurpassed international in-country presence. We deliver degree programmes to 11,800 students in 150 countries around the world, have a campus in Dubai and boast the largest international student cohort in Scotland.We are committed to continuous improvement and development in all our activity. Our focus is on responding to the changing needs of business, industry and society and finding solutions to the global challenges of the 21st century.
Building on established expertise in key, specialist areas, our aim is to produce the next generation of leaders and thinkers who make a difference in the world.
We are already leading the way in areas as varied as energy, the environment and climate change, risk and modelling, infrastructure and transport, and the interface between life and physical sciences.

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We are one of the top UK universities for business and industry with a vibrant, forward-looking approach and an established reputation for world class teaching and research.

Al Ghurair University


Academic City near Dubai Outer Bypass Road 611 , Dubai

Standard work timings

Al Ghurair University’s aim is to become a leading learner-centered private university in the region in the next decade, with special strengths in the fields of Engineering, Business Management, Information and Communications Technology, and Interior Design.
Al Ghurair University is a private educational institution dedicated to offer innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, provide continuing professional education, and to actively engage in relevant and impactful research. The University’s educational programs foster student’s learning that contributes to the development of individual and society. The University adopts a global view in its educational programs to provide opportunities to launch and enhance careers in a diverse global society.
•To offer quality academic programs those are continuously assessed and improved.
•To engage in active research that improves the ongoing teaching and learning as well as contributes to the local, regional and global development.
•To develop and advance the professional and career interests of its students through development of knowledge, skills, and values to achieve success in their careers and life.
•To prepare students to contribute to the economic prosperity and social welfare of the local, regional and global community.
•To attract and retain students for maintaining a steady growth of students enrolment.
•To attract and retain highly talented and professional faculty and staff reflecting the diversity of the social and cultural environment of the region.
•To establish partnerships and collaborations with industry, public and private institutions to enhance its participatory role in contributing to the developmental needs of the region.

More Details

Al Ghurair University’s aim is to become a leading learner-centered private university in the region in the next decade, with special strengths in the fields of Engineering, Business Management, Information and Communications Technology, and Interior Design.

Zayed University


, Dubai

Standard work timings

Zayed University is an educational centre of excellence in an emerging and evolving nation. Proudly bearing the name of the founder of the nation – the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – it stands for innovation, inspiration, and education.
The University was founded to prepare male and female leaders who will provide the knowledge and abilities this nation will need to enjoy a future of security and progress. It offers an academic program that prepares talented, ambitious and enthusiastic students for success in government, the arts, business, media and IT and to meet the challenges of a dynamic twenty-first century world.
The University was founded for UAE National women in 1998, with campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Today, the University is educating more than 6,000 male and female students from 19 countires to compete and thrive in a global environment at the following campuses: Abu Dhabi North, Abu Dhabi South, Dubai – Al Ruwayyah, and Dubai – Knowledge Village .
Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the University’s programs are recognized internationally as coming from a quality assured university.
You can be sure that your degree is not only highly regarded in the UAE, not only in the GCC, but globally. Your Zayed University education puts you on a level playing field with students from around the world studying at other highly regarded university.

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Educating the youth of the Nation – Destined to Lead.

Repton School


Nad Al Sheba 3 , Dubai

Standard work timings

Welcoming families from all nationalities, Repton School in Dubai offers the very best in British education, within the context of an international boarding community, and epitomised by the school’s philosophy of ‘the best for every child’.
We are proud of both our 21st century international nature and of the traditions and core values which have been derived from our partnership with Repton in Derbyshire, England. Repton School’s 450 year history has enabled it to develop a mature and effective school; we are fortunate to have been able to draw on the educational knowledge and expertise from our sister school and thus combine the very best of the new with the very best of the British educational system.
With state of the art, modern facilities and amenities, Repton School is situated on a spacious campus of 1.3million sqft, making it the largest school in the region.
Pupils aged between three and eighteen years benefit from an English independent school curriculum that incorporates elements of the English National Curriculum. Our clear aim and purpose is to provide the best teaching and learning environment in which all our pupils will achieve their very best academically, physically and socially. By working closely with all our parents we will together help to develop young people who will have all the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and global society.

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Repton Dubai seeks to educate all pupils with a firm set of values, which we also seek to uphold through all our many and varied activities.

American University


Dubai Media City Near Nakheel Metro Station Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Standard work timings

The American University in Dubai is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher learning founded in 1995. AUD’s enrollment in 2010-2011 averaged 2,628 students. In Spring 2011, ninety-four nationalities were represented in the AUD student body.
It is widely believed that American education is synonymous with “quality”. This belief is particularly prevalent with regards to American education at the university level. Several factors are judged to explain this excellence: a curriculum that imparts general knowledge but allows for significant specialization; faculty who frequently contribute to scholarship in addition to exercising their classroom duties; teaching methods that develop in students strong skills in critical reasoning and accurate and persuasive self-expression; the maintenance of high academic standards via clear and consistent policies; and instilling in students an appreciation for life-long learning.
The Mission of The American University in Dubai is to fulfill the broad educational needs of a culturally diverse student body by achieving excellence in teaching and learning, ultimately resulting in the intellectual, personal, and professional success of its graduates and the advancement of society.
The university community believes it has a special commitment to support each individual’s goals. To this end, the university places emphasis on the educational, professional and personal growth of each student. AUD, as an international institution of higher education, encourages global understanding by providing an atmosphere of cultural diversity and opportunities for international education. Programs, policies and activities – which have been designed to implement this Philosophy and Purpose Statement – are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the institution.

More Details

American University in Dubai is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher learning. AUD offers both undergraduate and gradute degrees and a Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies.

GEMS Wellington International School


near Sharaf DG Metro Station Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Standard work timings

The GEMS Wellington International School is a truly ground-breaking learning environment that provides exceptionally high standards of education to all the students. The school, spanning an area of eight acres, offers a spectrum of facilities and resources that combines a world class education with distinctive, state-of-the-art infrastructure.
The GEMS Wellington International School is based on a refreshing design and an exciting environment that envelops the student in a microcosm of learning. An environment that will become a focal point for the community.
As students enter the school they will be presented with the latest technology-based learning resources that will stimulate their senses. On entering the concourse they see the Creation Garden featuring exotic plant life and flora, creating an ambiance rarely seen in schools. The Digital Signboards adorn school corridors informing students of their next classes, upcoming events, clips of past-events and other information which has been streamed form the TV/ Radio Station.
Students can then expand their horizons by visiting the school theatre – Princess Haya Theatre, which seats 472 people, or visit the observatory for a breathtaking glimpse of the galaxy and the stars.
The entire concept of the classroom is changing at GWIS. The smart classrooms at GWIS features WiFi connectivity, Interactive whiteboards, Audio-Visual and multimedia projectors. It is this step forward taken by the GEMS group which will assert the Wellington School as a school of the future.

More Details

At Wellington International School we aim to develop a number of personal qualities ‘The qualities of mind’ – curiosity, courage, investigation, experimentation, imagination, reasoning, sociability and reflection. We want our students to cope confidently with difficulty and uncertainty – to be powerful real-life learners.
Wellington International School provides a vibrant, supportive and creative learning environment that encourages challenge, curiosity and choice.

GEMS Jumeirah College


Opposite Al Wasl Road near Park n' Shop Jumeirah, Dubai

Standard work timings

Jumeirah College is a Year 7 to Year 13 school that has earned a reputation for providing premium education, teaching The National Curriculum for England and offering a wide range of GCSE and A level courses. Though the majority of our students are British, we are privileged to have students from over 60 different nationalities as part of our College community. Located in the prime residential area of Jumeirah, we enjoy modern, well designed buildings set in their own grounds and are within easy reach of all areas of Dubai.
At the College, we pride ourselves on the balance that we achieve for each individual student as we promote academic excellence and development of the person, all in an established, friendly and supportive environment. Our students tell us that they enjoy their education and this is reflected in their positive attitudes to learning. They tend to be confident, friendly, well-motivated and lively in their outlook and approach to all that they do. They learn to challenge in a positive and constructive manner, but more importantly, they learn to ask the questions that will develop them as citizens of a global community. Each and every individual is encouraged and guided to reach the very highest standard by teachers who are dedicated to bringing out the very best in them. Our academic achievement is excellent when judged against UK standards and continues to improve year after year. Our emphasis is on the quality of learning, supported by high quality teaching, and we are committed to reviewing our progress and striving to improve as a College even further.
Students will find that they are supported not only by their subject teachers during lessons but also by a cohesive pastoral team. We have high expectations in terms of effort, commitment, behaviour, uniform, appearance and work ethic. Our College Council system encourages a sense of responsibility and the strong charity work of the student body is an important feature of everyday life.
The learning experience does not begin and end in the classroom. We aim to recognise not only the hard work and endeavours of students whilst at the College, but also to celebrate their achievements outside of the school gates. We strive to make the educational experience as varied, diverse and interesting as possible and we are proud of our traditions for sporting achievements, musical excellence, drama productions and debating to name but a few of the diverse range of extra-curricular activities that is at the very heart of our being. School trips and visits play an ever increasing role in the education of our young people. Such activities range from local excursions and field trips, concerts and conferences across the globe, to extended visits across Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme is a thriving activity as is our involvement with the World Challenge Expeditions.
At Jumeirah College we recognise that education is a shared responsibility between home and school and we truly value the partnership that we develop with parents and students as they progress through the College. You will notice immediately, that the relationship between staff and students is very positive and we endeavour to engage with parents so that they too can be part of the educational journey: together we will capture the essence of youth and ensure that our young people are socially, morally and culturally aware, with a maturity that will enable them to make the right choices in life. Whether through involvement in the strong extra-curricular life of the College, or through academic study, we are confident that each student will unlock and realise their potential.

More Details

For over 50 years, GEMS Education has approached its educational offering from a unique perspective.
We have always believed that a high quality education, with an international outlook, is critical in an increasingly competitive global environment. ‘Globalisation’ maybe the catch-cry of today but we have acknowledged its impact for decades, and prepared our students accordingly. (See world wide university acceptances for GEMS students, including in the U.S under the GEMS Difference below).

International School of Choueifat


Near Dubai Internet City Metro Station Al Sufouh, Dubai

Standard work timings

SABIS® is a global education management organization that is distinguished by a 125+ year track record in the operation of Pre-K and K-12 schools. The distinguishing mark of these schools is their implementation of the SABIS® Educational System. It is a system that offers a rigorous, internationally-oriented, college-preparatory curriculum for students aged 3 to 18+, focusing primarily on the core subjects of English, mathematics, sciences, and world languages.
The first school in what has grown to be the SABIS® School Network was the International School of Choueifat, which was founded in 1886 in the village of Choueifat, a suburb of Beirut, Lebanon. Currently, the SABIS® School Network consists of schools that operate in the private and public sectors worldwide. These schools located in 15 countries on four continents educate thousands of students and all implement the SABIS® Educational System, although each one of them remains financially independent.
Although the mother school started in 1886 in Lebanon, the first branch of The International Schools of Choueifat (members of the SABIS® School Network) in the Gulf started in 1975-6. Now, there are nine schools located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ruwais, Um Al-Qiwain, Doha and Muscat. Courses in all the schools are followed at the same rate. Through the use of videoconferencing, for both teaching and weekly administrative meetings, these nine schools run practically as one. Accordingly, students who transfer from one SABIS® School to another will continue in the new school at exactly the same point at which they left. Transfers can be made at any time during the year, subject to availability of places. This feature gives a definite advantage to parents who may move from one city to another on a temporary or a permanent basis.
All but one of The International Schools of Choueifat in the gulf operate in purpose-built premises set in campuses of various sizes (the construction of the purpose-built school in Doha will start soon). The schools have an international body of staff and students. Currently, the student population in the nine schools is 10520 in academic year 0304 (Gulf Region) drawn from around 80 countries. This provides a diverse cultural exposure to complement the high-level education offered.
During the last twenty-seven years, hundreds of students have graduated from The International Schools of Choueifat in the Gulf region and then graduated from top universities in the world. In the UK, these universities include Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Bristol, Edinburgh, Bath, The Imperial College of Science and Technology and all other London Universities, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc. In the USA, they include Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, U-Penn, and tens of other prominent universities. In Canada these universities include McGill, Columbia, McMaster, Concordia, etc. Still other ex-students graduated from top universities in Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, and other countries. These students graduated as engineers, medical doctors, economists, computer scientists, and so on, and are presently very successful in their careers. Some of letters of acceptance that our students received from top universities are displayed in the administration lobby of the school.

More Details

The ISC UAE Schools are a close-knit community where administrators, teachers, and students enjoy a positive and respectful relationship. Every student in the school has the support of their extended school family. Whether needing academic assistance or personal advice, students are provided with the helping hand of the school faculty and SLO™ in every aspect of their school life. This fosters a friendly and caring atmosphere throughout the school where students feel supported at all times.

Synergy University Dubai Campus


Platinum Tower – 32nd Floor – Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai – UAE Jumeirah Lake Towers - JLT, Dubai

Standard work timings

Dubai has many universities; however, Synergy University occupies a special place in the academic landscape of city particularly with its unique offering tailored to the specific needs of the community.
There are even more reasons why Synergy University is the right place to study in Dubai. Collectively these reasons form the characteristics that have differentiated Synergy University from all others over the years both, in Russia and internationally, and will continue to do so in Dubai for years to come.
Leading International Business University: Synergy University’s business-minded DNA in combination with its international presence makes it undoubtedly a global University with strong ties to the industry – competitive advantage.
Strong & Distinguished Curriculum: Synergy University’s highly reputed curriculum forms an integral part of the University’s successful track-record. It provides its students with up-to-date information and ensures a comprehensive knowledge transfer at affordable terms.
Holistic Teaching: Synergy University has over 600 highly qualified lecturers out of which approx. 50% are Ph.D. holders. Regularly world-leading experts in their field perform classes at the University in an effort to enrich the academic experience with profound practical knowledge. This formula is replicated at the University’s Dubai Campus.
Business Support: Synergy University Dubai Campus through its fully-integrated training arm “Synergy Academy”, offers practice-oriented executive and professional trainings as well as a rich array of selected language courses – all of which contribute positively to the development of its students’ skillsets. Furthermore and through its unique in-house business incubator “Synergy Pilot”, Synergy University Dubai Campus grants its students a one-of-a-lifetime opportunity to back-up their academic background with business development skills while enhancing their entrepreneurial spirit.
Career Opportunities: Synergy University graduates are highly valued by employers for their communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. The University has deep relationships with hundreds of business partners and recruiters world-wide. An impressive amount of its students (almost 90%) find jobs either during their studies or shortly after graduating. The Careers Service can help you find an internship, learn business skills and land your dream job.
Synergy University Dubai Campus is licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) – the authorized arm of Dubai Government in charge of monitoring the quality of education offered in the Emirate. Students at the Dubai Campus benefit from a wide range of support functions provided by the Campus’s friendly and professional team e.g.: relocation and visa support matters, accommodation needs and requirements, transportation support, orientation and entertainment guidance and much more.

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Synergy University Dubai Campus offers exclusive academic programs for school graduates (BA’s) as well as advance academic programs for business professionals (MA’s & MBA’s) seeking to increase their level of qualification.
Furthermore, Synergy University Dubai Campus through its fully-integrated training arm “Synergy Academy” offers practice-oriented, short-term executive and professional training programs including highly specialized master-classes as well as a rich array of selected language courses. Synergy University’s flagship and unique in-house business incubator “Synergy Pilot” is yet another distinguishing factor of its Dubai Campus – a state-of-the-art offering in the market.
Synergy University Dubai Campus is the city’s 1st university campus located outside the designated academic zone(s) – Dubai International Academic City & Knowledge Village. The Campus is comfortably located at the renowned Platinum Tower at the heart of Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) – a multi-purpose community and Dubai’s fastest growing business hub with more than 7000 companies.
The unparalleled proximity to a leading business community in combination with the Campus’s direct connectivity to the Dubai Metro (2 stations), add great value to the overall proposition of Synergy University Dubai Campus.

International Horizons College


42 Floor , U Bora Tower P O Box 191881 Business Bay, Dubai

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IHC will be known throughout the MENASA region for our progressive American curriculum college education and superior rates of student success.
Strategic Goals and Objectives:
Increase access to higher education of under-served groups in the MENESA region.
Foster innovation in teaching and learning to improve student success – establishing the Global Classroom and Anytime Anywhere Learning
Promote college-wide interaction with, and acceptance of, diverse peoples, cultures, arts and perspectives.
Engage all members of the college community in an ongoing program of environmental sustainability and resource conservation.

IHC was founded on July 19, 2011 as an American curriculum business and liberal arts college. The founding investors and members of the Board of Trustees envisioned a college that would make higher education more affordable and accessible in the Middle East North Africa South Asia (MENASA) region. Their vision was especially focused on building a bridge to elite universities in the US after students completed their general education course requirements in Dubai during the first two college years. The four-year experience starting with an Associates degree in Dubai and ending with a Bachelors degree in the US will be seamless academically because IHC is structured completely on the American system of instruction (course content, American faculty and teaching methods, learning resources and transferability of credits to US).
In November 2011, the Board was appointed and in turn selected Dr. Michael Dobe Sr. as the President and Dr. Douglas Treadway as the Provost. The Board approved planning for the college campus that included provisions for a temporary campus until the permanent site could be constructed.
Prior to authorizing the application for licensure, the Board approved the Vision, Mission and Goals of the college, the College Catalog, Board By-laws and College Policies and Procedures.
Following approval for licensure and accreditation, the Board planned for the opening of IHC in January 2012 as the inaugural class. A small number of students have been selected to represent IHC and be future ambassadors for the college. These impressive leaders will welcome the September 2013 class and future classes.

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International Horizons College is licensed and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). The college is an independent and international undergraduate institution committed to fulfilling high standards of academic excellence and relevancy to the 21st century. IHC offers a Progressive American Curriculum College Education.

EDGE Education


Business Village Block B Office 926, Port Saeed Deira, Dubai

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EDGE was a result of the passion to train and see individuals succeed. The thrill of success is what drives EDGE to provide unrivalled quality exam training. At EDGE we maintain an exam focused training to ensure you pass the first time around.
Our Vision is to be a professional’s first choice in exam training and preparation.
Our Mission is to provide quality training while accommodating your every need. We aim to be your coach till the very end and will endeavor to help you achieve the qualification that ensures success in your chosen career path. Together, we aim to build a more skilled and stronger work force in the U.A.E.

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We provide training for professional certifications:
1) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
2) Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
3) Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
4) Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
5) Lean Six Sigma (ASQ)